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  1. I would be interested if you have some GPS tracks for Chadwick. 


  2. lcrouse

    Cams too tight?

    Are you sure the shims are seated in the pocket that they sit in
  3. lcrouse

    Dip stick measurements

    Curious why you replaced your dipstick with a plug
  4. lcrouse

    Has anyone tried this jetting method?

    Those don't look like the stock Allen head screws
  5. lcrouse

    Has anyone tried this jetting method?

    If you have enough play, just loosen the top so when you put it back together, there should be no adjustment needed.
  6. lcrouse

    Has anyone tried this jetting method?

    I have done it many times and it is a pain to remove the carb but I still do it because the space is extremely limited if you do it on the bike. You would have to remove the throttle cables to rotate the carb anyway.
  7. Hmm, I'm experiencing the same thing on my 2003 drz400s. I pulled the carb and cleaned everything and it starts immediately when is cold but don't restart after it is warmed up unless I let it sit for a few minutes. I have not checked the valves.