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  1. johmarq

    HID Headlight

    Good on you Ronkz71, I totally agree with everything you said.
  2. johmarq

    Drz Windshields

    I have a standard Givi Handlebar mount one, Tucks neatly behind the headlight guard, just great on the Hwy.
  3. johmarq

    $60 Materials + 1 Day + DRZ400 Side Racks

    Hi TRLDoug, I put them there because I plan to fit a 1 Gallon Rotopax Fuel can on the other side. Cheers, John
  4. johmarq

    $60 Materials + 1 Day + DRZ400 Side Racks

    Thanks guys. I'm in southern New South Wales, 150 miles south of Sydney
  5. Hi, This is my first post on TT so Hi from Australia! Today, I built some Saddle Bag Supports for my DRZ400S. Pretty proud of them so I thought I'd show them off. Cost me $60 for the Alloy side plates, Steel tubing and a can of silver paint. A days work and there you go, I can now mount my Andy Strapz Expedition Bags I know we all like posts with photos so here goes.