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  1. DBOBYZ450

    2016 Desert 100!

    Thanks guys ! I'll just do the registration there as always, now I just need to figure out wheel bearings :sigh .
  2. Hey guys I went to replace my wheel bearings on my yz450 but I cant seem to find a kit that contains what I need nor can the dealer. When I bought my bike 8 or so years ago my bike came with billet wheels. The hubs are red , and have (Billet "Z" 2004) etched or carved in them that's all I know. . The rear has (3) 6006rd bearings (30-55-13)plus the cir clip and seals . The front has (2) 6004rd bearings (20-42-12)and then the seals. Does any one know of a kit , or even a oem hub that uses this same make up? Maybe tusk,moose,talon ect.? Kit as in , all bearings amd seals and a new clip ?
  3. DBOBYZ450

    2016 Desert 100!

    Hey guys. Is Pre registration necessary? i have a group of buddies going over Friday morning and we were curious if it was necessary as i never have in the past but didn't want to burn my buddies because i said we didn't HAVE to. Thanks guys !
  4. DBOBYZ450

    Who rides at Evan's Creek?

    I am in the middle of a top end rebuild. Once I am done and running again, I will be at Evans a few weekend here and there. As i just moved in the area , and also do some wheeling up there . I'll see what I can do . Whats the size of downed trees ? Hand saw work or do they need a small chain saw?
  5. DBOBYZ450

    Beverly dunes,WA tire choice

    I hate mosses , usally wouldnt bother with sand unless im going to florance or winchester , but its a big guys weekend with the buddies and Yea im no newb when it comes to switching tires , or sand . Im leaning to my mx tires. Another question , how friendly is dnr there , will i be hasseled for noise if i run no baffel ? Is alcoholic bevarages allowed on the sand ?
  6. DBOBYZ450

    Beverly dunes,WA tire choice

    Hey guys i watched some youtube vids. Searched google , searched TT and dont have a good answer. Now im 145 pounds , ride a 07 yz450 with 51 tooth gearin (woods) , heavier flywheel , yoshi slip on , blah blah. Now my question is when i head to beverly dunes next month should i put my skat trak paddle on (paddle with the center fin) , or should i just use my mx tire?
  7. Hey guys i have a 85 toyota ext cab, lifted , locked , caged, runs on propane, blah blah blah. any ways, I did a egr delete on a built 20r. I installed a gm icm (ignition control module) ,new wires,GM coil, And have a good distributor cap and rotor. I have no spark, i wired the way i read on this right up . http://bbs.zuwharrie.com/content?topic=85514.0 i have checked the coil and icm , both tested good. so what can i do ? any ideas. with the system its pretty much stand alone and don;t understand what could be wrong.
  8. DBOBYZ450

    Radiator Guards Help for 2013 YZ450F

    Yea man I love mine , have a 07 450 , ive slammed into branches and thrown my bike in the desert without a issue , they make good product!
  9. DBOBYZ450

    Radiator Guards Help for 2013 YZ450F

    Idk about years that fit but check if devol makes them for your years , give them a call . Awesome people and im verry happy with my arrmor on my bike it has taken a serious beating and still goes off and on .
  10. DBOBYZ450

    First time at Capitol Forest. Suggestions?

    Ive always come in from the rock candy side, if its going to be wet at all bring extra cloths if you are hauling your bike, and expect very slippery areas. there is alot of , as said above, fast trail ridding , some rock sections, and there is alot of nice under tree cover single track. make sure to get a new trail map as last time i went there the system was different from what i had printed and it likes to get foggy up top there. if you come from the rock candy side though the nice thing is , go to the top of the mountain and you can almost always find power lines to make it back if your lost. i also suggest making sure you have some decent tires, the mud is almost clay like and then in the trees it turns back to good old compacted washingtondirt. Have fun man i love the place!
  11. DBOBYZ450

    I want one

    yea id perfer one of these!
  12. DBOBYZ450

    Sand Lakes Dunes , Rules?

    Im honestly most excited to just be able to be on the sand again since its been two or so years, and to ride on wet sand should be fun for wheelies, i saw that it is much smaller, should be anything as bad as dune fest with the amount of people though i hope. where can i take the class at? do they mail me a car just like the boaters license they started a few years back here in Washington one more thing, do you guys perfer a smoothie front tire, or is my mx just as good, i have a fat skat paddle for the back. Thanks guys, been a year since ive been on the site and in the last two days ive got a bundle of help!
  13. DBOBYZ450

    timing chain inquiry

    as gray said go oem, both my chains have had over 100hrs on them,replaced with the tensioner (on my third set), if oem wasnt god enough it would have been installed.
  14. DBOBYZ450


    After reading through this, first i feel the whole ama controlling the field being total bull. second as anyone said no matter the bike the better rider prevails. another thing , i only weigh 130 pounds soaking wet, i rarely touch a track , and i ride single track all day in the woods on my 450 and ive road the 250s and hate them pesonally . I dont feel the bike is to much, no matter what a good rider should be able to control what they have under them, the bike doesnt make the rider the rider makes the bike, with that said why take away a market that is great for climbing, with a heavier flywheel it becomes a woods machine in my eye and throw in some new lower powered bike, i just dont get it. if i had a vote , which it would be cool to see a pool on this thread, the vote would be keep the 450s and if they feel the need add another class between, they would just be pulling in more competitors and another step for them to advance ,in fact lets just bring the big bore 500s 2t back!
  15. DBOBYZ450

    Oregon Sand Lakes Dunes , Rules?

    Hey guys short and sweet. 1. Im out of Washington, i know i have to get Oregon Tabs now instead of my Wa ones, Do i need any license or something of the sort while there and what does it consist of (i searched and only see things for riders under the age of 18 or have no valid drivers license) 2. im going the weekend after next, my yz450 has a yoshi slip on and its pretty loud (98db i believe) should i worry about the ticket or is it pretty unlikely to even get messed with. EI. ive only been to winchester for dune fest and this is only my thrid time to dunes ever, anything different to expect? (i have a rear paddle, flag, mx front tire)