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  1. Strick

    Aftermarket shifter question

    I have a buddy with the MSR shifter on his DRZ. After my first real dual sport/off road outing I new I had to replace the stock one (size 10 riding boots). I have ridden a good long dirt ride with the new MSR shifter and the bike shifts Much Much better.
  2. Strick

    Old member, need new tips on tire install

    I would recommend a dish soap and water solution, but I would no way use a lubricant, this can cause the tire can spin on the rim. Water evaporates and the lubricant won't! My tire changing advice, WARM TIRE (use a hair dryer is you have too), baby powder inside the tire, dishsoap+water solution in spray bottle to lubricate the tire (and in your case the rim as well), leave the rim lock loose (if you have one), inflate to 40+, but not much more. If it is still being stubborn put more spray and heat it even more. I have even used a rubber mallot to work around not seated bead. Oh, and make sure the rim is CLEAN, grime will prevent easy seating. Patience will get you there.
  3. I hate to be rude, but WRONG! The easiest way to tell is if the mixture screw is acccessible. That means that the cap has been removed. If that has been done the carb has been off the bike, but to go along with the others..... you still will not know the jetting specs. Not that hard.....dig in!
  4. Strick

    Using a shim to increase Fork Spring Rate

    If you search around this site (and others) you will find that some add'l preloaded (washers on top of the springs), heavier weight fork oil, and a 'little' higher fork oil height will help your undersprung situation. Keep in mind, each of the 3 things I have mentiond all do slightly different things to the suspension. Even Race Tech recommends these things when installing emulators in old school forks (like Harleys). For $10 bucks you really will feel a difference. To agree with the other posters - you can't duplicate the real fix = new springs. As a side note - I just got a DRZ (e) to dual sport last fall. I have always ridden and raced true race type dirt bikes (I still have a CRF450R). I can't believe how good this DRZ is in the rocks STOCK, with just some improvement in the clickers, and I weigh 195 w/o gear. Good Luck!
  5. Strick

    DRZ400E to dual sport?

    Rockymountainmc (dot com) has a kit called TUSK under $200 shipped and very nice looking - complete. I have made harnesses from scratch in the past. For $200 the Tusk kit is a no brain purchase. I just got thru installing one on my bike and am very satisfied. Add $12 for a Walmart Schwinn speedo and call it a day!
  6. Strick

    what kind of oil does everyone use

    Newer bikes (including my Harleys) Mobil 15W-50. I have been using this for 12 years with incredible success (i.e. - no clutch issues and no oil related failures). Older bikes I use Rotella 15W-40 also VERY clutch friendly.
  7. Strick

    FCR Carb vs Needle and Jet on CV carb

    That is a fantastic post and response, and thank you! I read so much about the FCR swap and this answers my questions. All my last few dirt bikes have (of course) had FCRs. I just bought a DRZ(e) and dual sported it because I wanted to try dual sporting one more time. With years of racing dirt bikes (33), owning sport bikes, and now Harleys, I learned something many many years ago. Don't try to get a bike to more than it is capable. Don't get me wrong the DRZ I have had been jetted (and re-jetted by me), it has a Yosh pipe, and open air box, but I have a CRF450 for real aggressive dirt riding and 3 street bikes for aggressive or even cruiser type street riding. Get the bike where it performs well and call it a day. Oh, another (unsolicited) .02 cents - suspension on any motorcycle is KEY! My '10 Harley I have done ZERO to, except I have put $1000 into the suspension and probably 8 hours of my labor. Most people spend $$ on the motor to get gobs more hp & tq. Guess who gets thru to twisties and is sitting at the restaurant first? I know not everyone is at a point in life to own many motorcycles (but you will probably get there!), but I would rather own 2 or 3 good used motorcycles designed for specific purposes than one new or newer one and try to mold it into something above what it can ultimately do. Sorry for the ramble - age will do that to you! Most of all Enjoy the ride!
  8. Strick

    DRZ 400 E Gearing For Street

    Are you basing the above on YOUR 15/47 gearing, or stock (E) gearing of 14/47? That seems to be like my 14/47 speeds/RPM.
  9. Strick

    Big bore kit scratched, pics..thoughts????

    If it is JUST a scratch, It will not be an issue. However.....you did buy a new unmolested piston. I would ask for another on unless you are just itching to pin it up today. It will be fine to use.
  10. Strick

    Reasons to buy and E versus S - ??

    Bought it. 2004 E model $1900 with rad guards, skid plate, bark busters and yosh slip-on and battery tender. This brake is BRAND NEW!! There is no way there is 400 miles on this bike = original tires with over 1/2 tread left.
  11. Strick

    Reasons to buy and E versus S - ??

    More info - The bike is nearly new. It IS the CA model. It has been re-jetting, Yosh slip-on, radiator guards and aluminum skid plate. It still has the original tires and the paint is not even worn off the frame by the pegs. It look new for a 2004. He is asking $2000 and will offer $1800. I do not mind dual sporting it myself, I have done this many times for friends as well as myself. Do I need to stay away from the Mikuni carb and keep looking, or can the Mikuni be made to perform 'somewhat' comparable? Oh, and as a side note I have many many bikes for all occassions, CRF450R, V-rod, Harley cruiser, street legal 1/2 mile dirt track bike. The dual sport will be literally for JUST that. Thanks again guys!
  12. Strick

    Reasons to buy and E versus S - ??

    oops...Can you expand on why not a CA model. I believe this bike was orginally purchased in CA. Thanks!
  13. Strick

    Reasons to buy and E versus S - ??

    Thanks! I can plate an E model in NV (subject to inspection). I gathered there were a number of differences.
  14. I have browsed this forum and it seems that the E is a little more 'worthy' as a dual sport versus the S. Is there THAT much difference? I am looking at buying an E model ('04) and dual sporting it myself. Thanks guys!!
  15. Strick

    Can someone link me to the washer mod?

    Thanks, I thought so. I just got done doing just that before I read your post. I also drilled some add'l relief holes in the arrestor (inner) cap and one in the middle of the muffler between the 3 barrels. RUNS FANTASTIC, with the jetting and airbox mod I performed!