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  1. Nick97rmx250aus

    Rmx wont start!

    Blown gasket. Ive taken taken the top off. And undone the nuts to take the bottom off. There is thin rod coming up from the crank case into another sealed section where the 4th nut is. What is it, and what should i do before i lift the bottom end off?
  2. Nick97rmx250aus

    Rmx wont start!

    Cheers mate. I was thinking it was something along those lines. Will the piston ring be visably eroded? Show i be looking at that first? I replaces the the gasket and set it in with gue not long ago. Could be my atempt at it tho.
  3. Nick97rmx250aus

    Rmx wont start!

    I picked up a 97 RMX 250 a few weeks ago and im having trouble getting it started. Im new to 2 strokes but know a little. Im getting spark, mixed new fuel and cleaned the carby. Ive got compession, but havnt tested it. After playing for half a day, ive discovered im getting coolant in the cylinder, and the piston pushes it out everytime i kick it. Any ideas?