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  1. Hi all, Looking some ideas of what to check next. The bike is starting easy enough and runs pretty good. Ive seached here and can't find anything that sounds like the problem i have with the bike. It goes well and gets up to running temp then it will just cut out and take between 5-15 kicks to get it going again. It doesn't always do this sometimes it will run for quite long then just quits. It was running with no problems before and since then we have done valve clearences, new plug, cleaned carb all out, clean filters, checked breather pipes,fresh fuel and cleaned all electrical conectors with contect cleaner. Can anyone advise what else to do or check.? Thanks in advance.
  2. Got a new cable. It turned out that the connector at the clock was plugged into the wrong one, this must have been done by the last owner. Think i'll be leaving the new cable back, they're not cheap at £34. Steve
  3. Hi i was hoping someone can help me with my speedo. Its not showing the speed although it is lighting up but just turns off again after a minute or two. I've put a new battery in it and checked that the magnet is there on the disk and all the wires are running to the caliper. Was hoping there might be an easy fix for this. Thanks Stephen
  4. Hi Clay, i didnt get time to try out your idea but we went out today for a run and the smoking has stopped. It all seems good now. I think the smoking must of been oil in the exhaust and maybe in the piston and head but the main thing is it ok again. I was so relieved the smoking had stopped cos i've had the head on and off that bike about five times now.! Thanks again for the help.
  5. Clay you were right about the cam blocks the intake one did start to seize. I cleaned it up and torqued it to spec. It was still a little tight but loosened up when the bike was running again. I still have the smoking problem, its smoking quite a bit when hot and cold. I oiled the new rings a little when i fitted them and was pretty sure they went in right. The only thing i can think now is i cleaned the ports out with cellulose thinners maybe that was a bad idea! Would this damage the valve seals? What do you guys think?
  6. Right not so good, took the bike out and after about one minute it felt like it was going to seize, the back wheel started to drag a bit so i stop the engine. I turned it over with the decompression lever pulled and it felt tight. I took it apart again fearing the worst and the piston and cylinder looks as good as it did before. I thought the oil rings had been put in wrong and they where ok when taken apart. The oil level was right on the dip stick when warm. I really don't know what to do now has anyone got any ideas?
  7. Hi, i got sorted at last i hope. Got the head skimmed and all built up again and then could'nt find one of the little clips goes on a pipe on the head cover. I was afraid it had dropped in the engine, i tried my best to find it with a little magnet but nothing showed up, so left it in to get the bottom half split and turns out it was not inside.! But sure better safe than sorry. So tonight all built up again and she started second kick with what feels like good compression. Only thing is once it started to get warm it started smoking and got worse the warmer it got. So let it cool down and it was smoke free until it warmed again. I'm going to go out tomorrow and see if it clears cos i'm hoping its just oil in the exhaust from when i first had problems with the bike. Thanks again for the help.
  8. I got my brother to leave it in to get skimmed. Although he did'nt say if it would be 100% succesfull or not. I think there was a bit much for the wet and dry paper. I should have got a picture for you's to see but never thought. I'll let you's know how i get on when the head comes back. Thanks Steve
  9. Hi i wish it was just the plug left out:) I checked the timing, valve adjustment and the decompressor and its all good. The rings also look like they have been put in right as per manual. And i have'nt put the auto decompession cam in. Its only now i held the cylinder and head pushed together with no gasket up to the light and it looks like something is warped. Its tight on three corners and not quite tight on the other corner. Looking back now the bike probley did over heat on an enduro, i let my mate use the bike on a few weeks ago. I was on a wr450 i had just bought and it was running really hot due to muddy boggy conditions. I did have the 250 out for a run on the roads after that and it started and ran as normal ,its only when i stopped after 30 mins i noticed the oil had come out the breather pipe. Im going to go back the machanic and see what he thinks. Looking at the warp i'm pretty sure thats the problem. If the head is warped is it possible to skim it? i'm guessing not i don't think i'd get away so handy. Thanks again for the replys and being so helpful.
  10. Hi again, i got a local engine builder to look at the piston and cylinder and he said it would be ok with new rings (like you guys said) So i got the new rings, gaskets and the cylinder and head on and all torqued up with the timing set and the head cover on. Then i decided to turn the engine over. I can turn it over with my hand! surely this can't be right, before i could'nt turn it over with a kick unless the decompression lever was used. I stopped working on it for today, i'm not sure what to do now!
  11. I had another look and you can't catch any of the scrapes in the cylinder with a finger nail. The top ring looks not to bad, i think it just came out like that in the picture. I always kept the filter clean and oiled. And just checked the boot before the carb and inside of filter and its all clean. When i took the cylinder off the oil was still in the bike, quite alot of oil spilt out onto the floor! Does the oil usually be right up past the crank? Is there anyway the engine can have too much oil in it when it shows ok on the dipstick? Thanks for the replys.
  12. I got some pictures, i think the pictures make the scores and over all condition worse.
  13. I dont think i put too much oil in. The bike was using a bit of oil the last couple of times out. I don't know when the piston was last changed cos i have'nt had the bike that long but i'm selling it now after i bought a wr450. I just want to get it fixed now to sell on. I'll try and get some pics up later.
  14. Hello everybody this is my first post. Great site here and very helpfull. I hope someone can help me out a bit more. I've a 01 wr250 and the last day i had it out it spat oil out the breather pipe from the head. The bike was running fine and i just stopped it as normal. I'm no bike machanic but i was thinking it was the piston and rings so pulled it apart and it looks ok. There was quite a lot of oil, it had went up over the shock and back wheel. A guy said to leave it in and get the piston and barrel checked, but if someone could say it needs a piston it would save me time and i'd just go and buy one. Do you think this would be the cause? Thanks Stephen