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  1. Teatang

    Pine Barrens

    Hey guys. I'm on the other side of the river (in New Castle, DE) and i'd love to come hang out with ya'll, but I only have off-road dirt bikes. If you'd like to come try my trail, it's pretty fun. I ride 12 miles from my house to the C&D canal down RR tracks and then there's a few miles of trails there. I've been looking on craigslist for a dual sport, hopefully, i'll find a good deal on a TW200 or something soon.
  2. Teatang

    Whos Been to Blue Diamond?

    I live only about 5 miles from there. I have a '98 RM125. I've been thinking about trying it out. However, I'm worried I would have to pay a huge annual membership fee. Also, I've heard their safety equipment requirements are expensive. Someone even told me you have to have MX style jersey. I guess I'm not interested in paying hundreds of dollars just to try it out.