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  1. Minnesota

    Stay out of town with the dirt bikes. The Gilbert cops have a real hard on for dirt bikes. Most places you can ride an ATV but try it with a dirt bike and they will ticket you. Bring your own gas so you can stick to the trails.
  2. Excellent glad to hear you got it out. Pretty stressful when bolts break off in important parts like that.
  3. If you pull the cam cap off is there enough sticking up to weld a nut on it? Typically the heat from tacking a couple welds inside the nut is enough to break it loose it up so you can back it out.
  4. I've done a couple, yeah a screwdriver and needle nose pliers to pull the old staples out. 5/16" staples and a upholstery stapler. Most hardware stores carry them. Warm the new cover up in the sun and start from the front and work your way back stapling both sides pulling it tight as you go. Take your time, you my have to go back and pull some staples out and retack them that's ok just pull it evenly keeping it tight and work your way back. Once your happy with how it's on there take a razor knife and trim off the extra fabric.
  5. I work on mine about as much as I ride, mostly maintenance and some new parts when I have a little extra cash. I have 3 bikes so there's always something to do. I really enjoy working on motorcycles though.
  6. Everyone told me a CRF450R was to beastly for trail riding. I'm glad I didn't listen. For the riding I do I love my 2006 on the trails. The power is very predictable and plentiful for hill climbing, the only thing I wiould change is add hand guards.
  7. Has anyone had any luck cooling down the pipe on their CRF with some of that fiberglass pipe wrap? I'm thinking about wrapping my 2006 crf450r hoping to cool it a bit, keep some of the heat off my leg, maybe deflect some heat from the right radiator too. Any problems after doing this?
  8. Im thinking maybe try s set of CR high bend bars. Maybe some black aluminum Pro Tapers. Anyone using the KX High bends? They seem to be the ones with the most rise.
  9. What bend bars are you KDX guys using. I've got a set of Renthal twinwall bars on my 94 that really don't have much of a rise to them. Their ok in a sitting position but really are akward feeling when trying to ride standing up. I'm only 5-8 but their so low I feel like I'm riding a mini bike. Switching to 1 1/8 bars presents yet another problem with the odometer mounting so I'm thinking some kind of taller 7/8 bars. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Kustom Kraft Performance did a nice job on my KDX cylinder. They were a little bit slow but it was mid summer when I sent it to them. I'm very happy with their work though.
  11. That would be awesome, if I were to buy a brand new bike that would be it. For now I'm just going to keep hoarding parts to keep my 94 running.
  12. 1994 200 FMF Fatty and Turbine core Air box snorkel removed and 3 more 1" holes punched in lid. 1550 ft above sea level PJ 38 MJ 150 1173 needle set at second from top notch 40:1 mixture Plug B8ES Sprockets 13/49 Plug is a nice light brown color Bike runs strong but still has some spooge. I've been grouse hunting with it and switch to 12/49 gearing. I suspect most of the spooge is from me lugging it. I'm going to run it hard here and see if I can clear that up.
  13. I've got a Bell and a Fox don't remember the models. 90% of the time I grab the Fox, its way more comfortable and defiantly lighter. They are both DOT approved. I've gone down with the Fox and landed on my melon pretty hard, not a scratch on it. Fox gets my vote.