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  1. Hey guys. Wanting to return after a long absence from dirt. I am looking at getting another dirt bike but really a need to find people to ride with. I am in the greater Sacramento area (Roseville) and can ride midweek on wed. or on weekends. I would say I am better than novice but certainly not expert. Looking at doing mostly trails since I am too old to try big jumps. Who is in the area interested in riding?
  2. Domino

    200 best bang for buck?

    I am looking at buying a 200 and am a little torn. My budget is under $4k and I am trying to decide if it is better to buy an older bike and put some money into it or buy something newer and try and find something really clean. I've searched the site and have looked at the changes but am still a bit lost as far as how far back I should go in terms of model years. I want something that is fairly up to date with good parts availability. How well do these bikes update (i.e. how long is the engine basically the same but updated)? Are there years to avoid (or more desireable)?
  3. Domino

    Parts interchangeability?

    So I am looking for a 200 xc-w but I have seen some older exc 125s come up cheap which puts the idea of building a bike in my head. That said, how much interchangeability is there between the bikes? Specifically a 2001 125 exc would be the donor bike and I would want to build it up to be like a 200 xc-w. The benefit would of course be that I could then have a fresh engine, have the suspension done to suit me etc. So for cylinders etc, is it a bolt on part? How well can the 2001 era suspension components be made to work compared to stock later model stuff (2007 or so)? Have the bodywork mount positions changed on the frame allowing updating of tanks and such? Thanks for your replies.
  4. Domino

    KBB values?

    The problem is I haven't bought many bikes in recent years so I don't really know "market value" of current models. Going in with an idea of KBB versus reality helps a bit, but I still need to have a better understanding of what is what in terms of price. The two bikes that popped up were 2007 200xc. I would ideally like an xc-w but the xc would probably fine for my riding. Both are stock-ish and look clean in the ads. one is asking $3200 the other $3500.
  5. Domino

    KBB values?

    NADA shows it about 200 less than KBB.
  6. Domino

    KBB values?

    So looking at a couple of 200s in my area both are priced above what Kelly blue book states for retail value in excellent condition. What are your experiences with KBB values and their reflection of the actual market?
  7. Domino

    Returning rider could use some advice

    Thanks for that! It helps to look in the right place I suppose. I am not worried about following my son, it will be on foot for a little while, then progress slowly from there. Primary goal right now is to get back out and riding consistently.
  8. Domino

    Returning rider could use some advice

    I am not 100% on the KTM, it just sort of suits the bill the best. Weight is my primary concern and I would rather have an underpowered bike than the weight. I rode a friends CRF250x a while back and I didn't like it. I'd rather ride a 125. The 200 is nice because I wouldn't have a lot to do, but I could always do a nice build on a 125 and they can be had very cheap.
  9. Domino

    Returning rider could use some advice

    Thanks, gmoss I did try and read through the 200 sticky but while full of technical info and set-up tips it is a bit cumbersome to try and go through it and see what changes were made year to year.
  10. Hello, I am returning to dirt bikes after a prolonged absence (5 years or so) and am looking at the 200 xcw. I have actually been interested in this bike for several years but haven't actually pulled the trigger since I haven't had anyone to ride with locally and was afraid it would just sit in the garage. Now my Son is getting near the age where I want to get him started, so riding is definitely coming even if it just the two of us. So my reasons for wanting the 200 are these: first and foremost is weight. I'm not a huge guy I realize how tiring a big bike gets in the tight stuff (I also tend to drop the damned thing a lot, so I have to pick it up a lot as well). Second, I have always been a two stroke guy. I prefer the power delivery of a two stroke as well as the overall feel of the two stroke. So being away from the off road bikes, I don't really know how much things have changed in that time frame. What I am sure of is that I want a GOOD bike, not someones beater bike. At this point I don't think I want to spend the money on a brand new bike though. So my problem is how new do I go, and how much should I plan on spending. My budget isn't set and I haven't ruled out buying new (i suppose I could take the initial hit and then turn the bike over every two years or so and keep up with newer bikes), but what are the older 200s like? Can someone summarize the 200 line for me and maybe give recommendations on a purchase strategy and or any pitfalls to avoid. Thanks