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  1. Do you use pump gas? Do they use an ethanol blend in Indiana, like they do in Illinois? Ethanol gums up in carburetors real quick, the last bike I used ethanol in was a honda XL185. 1 kick to start if ridden every day, almost 10 kicks to start if it had been sitting for a week or two. I cleaned the carburetor thoroughly, changed to 90 octane with no ethanol ($4.00+ per gallon, holy cow!), and the bike started on the first kick whether sitting for a day or a month.
  2. It's a cool magazine, but the $60/year price tag probably doesn't do wonders for sales
  3. Bad luck/poor maintenance. These engines are known to go 50k+ without requiring a major service.
  4. The last time I let my radiator shoot craps, it rolled snake eyes.
  5. Just grabbed this for nearly half the value of my dirtbike And it has some little plants growing in the bed liner lol
  6. Part it out on a cr specific forum if you want to get the most out of it.
  7. 1st gen gsxr's are some of the best looking sport bikes ever made IMO
  8. What is instagram?A drug delivery service?
  9. ^^ That is why I ride alone Yea-ah with nobody else You know when I ride alone, I prefer to be by myself
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