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  1. I have two RV spots (side by side) for the Glen Helen national and two adults tickets to the race. The RV camping is from Wednesday to Sunday and you get to watch all the practices. $250.00 Message me if your interested.

    te 510 quikly dies at times

    OH....You don't have a power up kit installed. That's the problem!!! When I got my 08 TE-510 I broke it in with out the power up kit. The bike is worthless wothout it. Totally unrideable in my opinion. If there were not a power up kit for the bike I would have never purchased it. I will say though, the bike rocks with the kit........

    te 510 quikly dies at times

    These FI bikes will do this on decel if your tank is less than half full! The fuel pump is in the rear section of the tank and all the fuel moves forward on decel and the pump cavitates.

    Four Days Of The Sequioas

    We departed from Tehachepi, CA. over to Lake Isabella, over the Sierra's down into Springville. Then on up the main roads in the park. I highly reccomend it.......
  5. Took the TE-510 on a 600 plus mile journey up to the Sequioas and Kings Canyon parks. Here is the linky, http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810308 The Husky was awesome the entire trip.......Well except for that dam seat!!!
  6. Myself and a couple friends spent four days camping and exploring Sequioa National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Stuck to dirt fire roads as much as possible due to one beg. on a KLR. After all was said and done, we logged over 625 miles over four days. I did it on my Husky TE-510 with out a rack, but I will have the PMB rack for the next trip. This was the longest ride I have done to date on the husky, and it was an awesome adventure.....Many more to come. Departure shot on the first morning. A short break on the trail. After 200 plus miles of fire roads and some pavement, we finally made it.

    TE510 speedo

    With the key off, press and hold the mode button..............turn the key on while continuing to hold down the mode button.....after three seconds KPH will switch to MPH. Let go of the mode button!

    Anyone Using This Setup On Te510

    GUESS NOT.........
  9. This is the Denali setup for the te610. Seems like it should fit on the 08 and newer 510's without to much trouble!!! I know I can use the PMB setup with paniers , and that looks like the direction I will probably go. Just wondering if anyone has had luck with this setup ?

    Plug for Jeff Kaylor and Hall's Cycles

    Jeff is sending me a replacement tank. Going with black this time also. Just won't overtighten the cap and all should be good. Big thanks to Hall's for replacing the defective tanks.....

    decal works graphics on the te !

    I think decal Works probably saved his order and would just need an order # to duplicate. I think the shrouds are the same on the TE's. I like the flat look of the decals a lot!!!
  12. First time I have seen them......They look great, got my attention. Who did you order them through ?

    Plug for Jeff Kaylor and Hall's Cycles

    I notified Jeff about the leaking tank and he said to email him some pics...I sent the pics to him today. Hope to hear back with some good news by Monday or Tuesday. It looks like the seam where the front section is molded to the rear section is starting to seperate and causing the leak.

    Plug for Jeff Kaylor and Hall's Cycles

    Mine just started leaking in the same place as yours....I'll give jeff a call!

    IMS 3Gal tank for (08 -09)TE510

    Have had my natural IMS tank on my 08 TE510 for about nine months now......no problems until yesterday. I went out to the garage and smelled a strong odor of gas....tank was leaking just under the wings pretty bad. I will probably try the black one since it is the only other option, just can't go back to the stock 45 mile range...