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  1. So I got me a new '08 DRZ125L, and after alot of reading I figured I better get a frame cradle. So, just casually browsing, not paying close attention, they seemed to be readily available and I thought I might wait until this winter to throw one on. Then I started thinking "man I better throw one on asap because it might be easier to get one on now while the bike is still new". So I was going to buy one yesterday and come to find out BBR hasnt made them for the DRZ125 in over a year, and everybody is sold out. Well if you got the TTR then no worries, hey! need a tall seat? Not if you got a DRZ125, but I digress. So BBR says that Suzuki is making a 2012 DRZ125 and they might start making the frame cradle for the 125 again, but who knows. I'm wondering if we get eneough people on here who want one and we can show it to BBR if they might consider cranking some out sooner rather than later, if at all. So who's looking? Can I get a from anybody looking to get one. Spread the word, maybe they'll hook us up if we get eneough interest.