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  1. I am about your size and only 9 years younger and I went from a CRF150RB to a CRF250X. The height difference was a non-issue for me and actually made me feel more comfortable riding. I didn’t feel like I had to hunch over when standing. The extra weight was the most challenging and I needed my husband’s help a few times, but I can pick it up on my own now. Mostly. If I tip it over on the trail when I’m tired, it might just sit there a minute while I catch my breath if it’s not a busy trail!
  2. I like the terrain a bit better at Barnwell. The facilities are nicer too. There are showers you can use after riding. They've got concession stand and TVs in the pavilion. Delicious burgers. We've only been to RRMT once and it was my first time out on my 250x so I was still getting used to the height. The staff at RRMT didn't seem as friendly as Barnwell. I've just had a better time at Barnwell must going to RRMT now I might like it a little better.
  3. Yeah we went up to Red River this past February or March, can't remember which now. It was cool because of the history of the place but I prefer Barnwell. Oh, don't forget you'll need an OHV sticker. They sell them at the front gate.
  4. It's rocky red sand...not really large rocks to navigate unless you end up on a 4x4 trail and not a lot of deep sand either. There is plenty of dirt lol. Gets pretty dusty when it's dry.
  5. It takes rain very well. It is mainly rocky sand and drains great. There may be water holes but they aren't sticky muddy. Barnwell only closes when the roads to get there are impassable. Hurricane Harvey might dump a lot of rain, so you may call ahead to make sure the road isn't flooded.
  6. Hey that's my video! Cool! It is easy to get around out there once you get your bearings. Follow the blue and yellow trail markings. Blue is the beginners loop and yellow is the dirt bike only trail. Blue and yellow are often the same in places then break off. My husband and I try to go up there every so often to ride. If we happen to go on the same weekend, we'd be glad to show you around.
  7. I am a 5'6" wife and I ride a stock height CRF250X without any problems. I have been riding dirt for about 20 years, have had an MX80, RT100, TTR125, RM100, CRF150R Expert over those years. The height of the 250X has made me more comfortable standing up while riding. As a female rider with experience with other bikes, I'd recommend the 250X or similar.
  8. Actually detuned version of the '04/'05 250R. The R got dual exhaust in 2006.
  9. I have seat foam from a CRF150R Expert you could have. You could cut some off it to add back to your 250 seat.
  10. It was pretty thick foam, so I don't think it would do that. My rear hurt after every ride on my old bike before I got the soft foam. After that it was like a pillow. I'll probably get another one for my X eventually.
  11. Guts Racing makes a soft seat foam. I still have the stock foam on my 250X, but I have had Guts' soft foam on other bikes and it was much more comfortable. http://www.gutsracing.com/CRF250X_Seat_Foam_p/sfcr371.htm
  12. Thanks...I have owned 8 bikes over the past 16 years and have never noticed one of those before. Pretty interesting.
  13. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? I noticed it last night while installing frame guards. It is a 2017 CRF250X, purchased in February of this year and was still on a crate at the dealership. Could a factory employee have etched something like this on the engine??
  14. That was a lucky guess. Maybe I ought to buy a lottery ticket today! [emoji12] Rocky Mountain always has a good selection of OEM parts. I had to get a filter cage for a TTR125 from them a few years ago.
  15. Not knowing your bike's year, I just went with 2008. Rockymountainatvmc.com has an OEM parts finder and they have a filter cage for $6.31. It is item number 4. You'll have to search for your correct year, but the filter cage is probably not all that different for each year. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/3