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  1. KC824

    Arctic Cat 400 Running Terribly

    I don’t think it has a fuel pump? I’ve replaced the whole petcock assembly and emptied the tank a few times. I’m pretty sure it’s the valve seat. It leaks so I adjusted the float to get it to stop leaking, but then it runs like crap. The valve seat is pressed in on this carb and cannot be replaced. I took a Q-tip with polishing compound and put it on the end of my drill and polished the valve seat. Adjusted float back to stock height. Runs great now but still leaks!! So it’s either stop leak, run like crap. Or run great and leak. Also sorry for late reply. I didn’t get a notification that I had a reply.
  2. About a year and a half ago, we bought a used 2004 Arctic Cat 400 4x4 Automatic to take as a pit vehicle to races. Didn't want to spend too much on this and also wanted something to tinker with. The previous owner said he couldn't get it started and suspected it needed a new battery. The old air filter had also disintegrated and parts had been sucked into the carburetor. I cleaned the carburetor and replaced the battery and air filter and it started up and ran decently. Now that it was running we found that the carburetor leaked like crazy down onto the starter motor. It seemed to be leaking from the accelerator pump cover. I ordered a carburetor rebuild kit and accelerator pump rebuild kid. Replaced the pilot jet, main jet, leak jet, float bowl gasket, and even went ahead and replaced the bladder in the throttle slide, just in case. I also got new gas lines, petcock, and cleaned out the gas tank. After all of that, it still leaked from the accelerator pump cover, even with the engine off and the petcock in the on position. I then took the carb apart again, sprayed all the jets and passages with carb cleaner and compressed air (without any rubber gaskets or bladders in, of course) and adjusted the float. I also replaced the plastic choke assembly that screws into the carburetor. The threads were slightly stripped and it didn't seem to be seating in the carb very well. Put it back together and it stopped leaking, but now it runs like crap. It has okay throttle response with just a little bit of gas, but about mid to wide open throttle it will die. If I gradually apply the throttle all the way open, it will rev out, but quick throttle blips and it dies. Once it is warmed up, I can take it around the yard, but after about 90 seconds, it backfires on deceleration and dies. Let it sit for a few seconds, start it up and it will run fine for another 90 seconds, then backfire on deceleration and die. I have replaced the starter motor (electric start stopped working and only responded to pull-start). Electric start works fine now. Today I replaced the ignition coil and spark plug. I had read on arcticchat.com that someone else had similar issues and replacing the coil solved their problem. It has not solved mine, though after replacing the coil, it ran well for about 2.5 minutes before backfiring on deceleration and dying. I have no clue where to go from here. It is a Keihin CVK. I have always had good luck getting help on thumpertalk in the dirt bike sections, so I thought maybe someone could help me with this!
  3. KC824

    CRF250X carb screw

    I found a Honda service manual for my X on eBay. Still in the plastic wrap.
  4. KC824

    still looking for stock 250X seat foam

    I do! Just put Guts Racing soft seat foam on my X a few weeks ago. Have stock foam just hanging out in the garage.
  5. KC824

    CRF 250X replaced by the CRF 250RX

    Before this morning, the Honda website said the same thing about the 450X. I’d bet they’ll release a 250X next year. Honda waited a year after the 450RX to release the 250RX.
  6. Could you rent a storage unit?
  7. The only ridiculously annoying thing that’s happened to us is two guys walked over to our truck and asked if they could share the pavilion we were using. No problem, it’s just two guys. Well. It wasn’t just two guys. Four trucks loaded with bikes and ATVs came rolling in next to us with about 20 people. The final straw was when their children climbed into the bed of OUR TRUCK and started horsing around. We decided to call it a day at that point. It was like the two original guys deliberately hid the rest of their hoard when they came over to ask to share the pavilion.
  8. KC824

    Honda CRF250X 2017

    A step up to a bigger bike for me from a CRF150RB. Love it. I've done all of the CCC mods except adding an R cam. I am 5'7" and have gotten used to the seat height. The seat height will occasionally bother me when I am tired from riding or stalling on a hill.
  9. KC824

    Honda CRF250X (2017)


    A step up to a bigger bike for me from a CRF150RB. Love it. I've done all of the CCC mods except adding an R cam. I am 5'7" and have gotten used to the seat height. The seat height will occasionally bother me when I am tired from riding or stalling on a hill.
  10. KC824

    TTR 125 only runs with choke on...jets are clean!

    I had a 2007 a few years ago. The choke cable mounted to the triple clamp/handlebars behind the number plate.
  11. I am about your size and only 9 years younger and I went from a CRF150RB to a CRF250X. The height difference was a non-issue for me and actually made me feel more comfortable riding. I didn’t feel like I had to hunch over when standing. The extra weight was the most challenging and I needed my husband’s help a few times, but I can pick it up on my own now. Mostly. If I tip it over on the trail when I’m tired, it might just sit there a minute while I catch my breath if it’s not a busy trail!
  12. KC824

    Barnwell Mountain

    I like the terrain a bit better at Barnwell. The facilities are nicer too. There are showers you can use after riding. They've got concession stand and TVs in the pavilion. Delicious burgers. We've only been to RRMT once and it was my first time out on my 250x so I was still getting used to the height. The staff at RRMT didn't seem as friendly as Barnwell. I've just had a better time at Barnwell must going to RRMT now I might like it a little better.
  13. KC824

    Barnwell Mountain

    Yeah we went up to Red River this past February or March, can't remember which now. It was cool because of the history of the place but I prefer Barnwell. Oh, don't forget you'll need an OHV sticker. They sell them at the front gate.
  14. KC824

    Barnwell Mountain

    It's rocky red sand...not really large rocks to navigate unless you end up on a 4x4 trail and not a lot of deep sand either. There is plenty of dirt lol. Gets pretty dusty when it's dry.
  15. KC824

    Barnwell Mountain

    It takes rain very well. It is mainly rocky sand and drains great. There may be water holes but they aren't sticky muddy. Barnwell only closes when the roads to get there are impassable. Hurricane Harvey might dump a lot of rain, so you may call ahead to make sure the road isn't flooded.