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  1. crossfire879

    ktm owners?

    Mine came with the bag, pen, carb kit, tool kit, and about 4 manuals. One for engine, one for chassis and I can't remember what the other ones are. Maybe just a different language. I just recently traded my 06 250sx for a 07 rmz 450 an I didn't mention that I had all this stuff because I really like the bag and tool kit I wanted to keep it around.
  2. crossfire879

    trading my ktm 250 tomorrow for an 09 rmz450

    I just did the same thing man. I traded my stock 2006 KTM 250SX for a 07 RMZ 450. the 450 has a full yoshi pipe and header (not sure what brand), enzo suspension, excel rims, over size rad, new plastics, etc etc. This is my first time on a 450 and my first 4 stroke. It is awesome! So much bottom end. Still getting used to it but I love it!
  3. crossfire879

    What color gear?

    I have an rmz also and for the most part I wear my ktm gear which is obviously orange and black. Seeing pictures of myself I think it looks cool. My rmz is pretty much all black though with some touches of yellow.
  4. crossfire879

    Anti-theft measures for bike

    Yes that true but like it was said before, it's all about the quick and easy one. If it takes 2 guys to man handle up and over the bed chances are they will pass on by.
  5. crossfire879

    Anti-theft measures for bike

    If it's in the back of a truck you could install a lock on your tailgate.
  6. crossfire879

    survey of broken bones

    One crash I didn't break any bones but I did suffer a severe concussion. There is about 3 days where I was conscious and active but have absolutely no memory of. I have also broken 4 ribs. And teeth several times. All crashes were just general off road riding.
  7. crossfire879

    VIN Number

    Ok so I went over with my bud to "assess" the situation. The first 3 numbers are worn off. I agree it takes alot for plastic cables to do that however the cables are also worn and the area has black smudges on it. He contacted the police and they told him that the DMV will be able to get the Vin using the last 8 numbers. Anyway the guy was happy to write a new bill of sale with his name and address on it. So on Monday my bud is gonna take what he has to the DMV and see what happens. Going with what chuck said, the first 3 numbers are really only the model and make and I think where it was built so removing those numbers on a solen bike would be pointless right? If the guy or whoever did grind those off, they did a very good job making it look like natural wear. Anyway I appreciate everyones input and I will let you all know what the outcome is.
  8. crossfire879

    VIN Number

    Hey guys, My buddy has found a bike that he really wants. Problem is that the throttle cables have rubbed on the stem and rubbed out the first 3 numbers of the VIN. There isn't even a trace of what the numbers are. The guy who owns said he noticed it not too long ago and fixed the cables so they don't rub anymore. He also can't find his original bill of sale that has the VIN. Is there anyway to find out those first 3 numbers? Or if we go to the DMV can they find it using the last 8 or something? I know most of you are probably thinking its stolen. It could very well be but it could also be an honest mistake that the owner never noticed before it was too late.
  9. crossfire879

    07 RMZ450 trans oil

    Hey guys, New to the site and new to 4 strokes. I just traded my 06 KTM 250 2 stroke for this 07 RMZ 450. This is my first 4 stroke. I ordered a manual but its on backorder. Anyway I had an oil leak coming from behind the trans drive sprocket. I took it apart and changed the 2 o rings and the oil seal. So I have read that engine and trans share the same oil. Just wanted to be sure about this. What kind of oil are you guys using? Also, are the two holes on the drive sprocket timing marks? I can't seem to see a timing mark on the countershaft. I didn't pay much attention when I took it off.