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  1. My wife and I bought a house next to some awesome riding spots. I'm looking to get something inexpensive for friends and family. Right now I'm thinking XR 200 or a KDX 200. What would you guys look for that's easy to maintain and easy to ride? I'm on a WR 450.
  2. chatchie

    Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit on WR450F...Please HELP

    I don't really remember what the factory connector looks like but your H4 bulb is defiantly Hi/Lo. I went to autozone and got a new H4 right angle socket (5.99) when I did my install to keep things nice and neat.
  3. chatchie

    Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit on WR450F...Please HELP

    You can have a high/low. Your bulb has 3 wires. A high beam, low beam, and ground. They prob put that solder as a jumper across low and high beam to get more light.
  4. chatchie

    Tusk Enduro Lighting Kit on WR450F...Please HELP

    The headlight on your bike runs off AC power. The oly way your going to see power to it is when the bike is running. Take the factory lead for your headlight and run it through the switch in your Tusk kit. So the factory wire goes to your tusk handle bar switch, then from your switch to your headlight. On a stock bike it has to be done this way. Once you upgrade your stator/float your ground you could then run it off the DC side.
  5. chatchie

    6'2" 225 pounds... Wr 400 enough power for me?

    Yeah, I'm 250lbs and my uncorked 450 will make me look silly if I let it. Things get blurry pretty fast.
  6. chatchie


    Where in Mass were you riding? I'm on the ma/ri border and the EP around here are tough. We got stopped when I had my KTM and it took a whole lot of ass kissing not to get my bike taken. I was Off Road registered at the time. I haven't been stopped yet on my plated WR. Kind of curious to see what they would say though
  7. chatchie

    Search: The sexiest WR out there...

    Guess Ill throw mine in the mix...........
  8. chatchie

    Yamaha Issue

    ^^ What he said. I was kicking and bump starting my bike for an hour last weekend trying to get it to start. Water got in the kill switch connector behind the headlight making it a closed circuit. Check the simple stuff first.
  9. chatchie

    fitting new speedo to wr450

    I bought this one. It bolts in using the OEM Wr drive. It also has indicators for your signals and high beam and is cheaper than the Vapor. Haven't put it in yet but it looks nice and comes with a bracket. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Acewell-3700-Series-Speedometer-Gauge-Yamaha-WR450F-WR250F-all-ACE-3700-/300750447407?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item46061fa32f&vxp=mtr#ht_1756wt_803
  10. chatchie

    Yuasa YTZ7S(F) OEM battery ?

    I just bought one from Walmart for 39.99. Fit perfect and has been fine so far. About 10 hours on it. I've got an 05.
  11. Im thinking of buying a bike to keep as a spare to bring along non bike having friends or family. I'd like something easy to ride and not to high seat height. I was thinking an xr200 but prices around here are a bit high for them. I'd like to spend under 1000. I ride a wr450 and normally ride with friends who are on a kdx200 and a cr250. Any suggestions?
  12. chatchie


    Just use the wires from your toggle on the new keyed switch. The new switch has a set of "normally open" and "normally closed" wires. You'll only use 2 of the 4 wires shown on the new switch.
  13. chatchie

    Street legal dirtbike???

    A friend just registered his KDX so it can be done with a 2 stroke. He bought it used with a title. I'm also going to plate my WR which I bought used from NH with a title and copy of previous registration. The only way I've ever seen it done is by buying a bike out of state (NH/VT) that is already registered.
  14. chatchie

    Show us your Dual Sport kit.

    ^ Nice. Seems like the tusk is a popular choice. I think I'm going to go with it too. Are you guys running your headlights on the stock system or through the battery? I'd like to run an HID and have the ability to completley shut it off so I may run it DC from battery. Hopefully the stock stator can keep up the charge on the battery.
  15. I'm really undecided on what kit to get for my 05 450. The Baja kit is nice but it's way expensive. I'd probably go with the Tusk kit but I like the look of the 07+ tail light. What do you guys run?