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  1. Thank you everyone! You've given some really great advice and I ready appreciate it. I had a talk with my boys and we have decided to get another 125 for now. I'm at quite a big weight disadvantage and I am still faster than them around a track. They seem to learn a lot from chasing me and copying what I'm doing. I have to work really hard and ride flat out most of the time which is really fun! I don't go anywhere they can't go so I don't need the extra power. We agreed that if I could go faster I might push them to ride over their heads. To everyone who said I'd love the big bikes. You've sold me on the idea. I made the boys a deal, when they start passing me and I can't keep up with them, I'll get a 450. When they get to that point I'll also feel more comfortable when they want to ride it. Thanks again, Rob
  2. I'm 43 and have just started riding again with my oldest sons last year. They are 16 and 13 and have really taken to riding. We now have a 95 cr125 and a 2003 yz125. We've been sharing between the three of us and I've really been enjoying the Yamaha. I used to ride 250cc 2-strokes and I remember sometimes feeling like the bike was on it's own and I was just holding on. With the 125, I'm always riding it. It's fun to go around pining it all the time. Sharing is starting to get old and it's time to get a third bike. They really want me to get a 450 but I'm just having so much fun with the 125. It seems like most my age, skill, size, are riding the bigger displacement bikes. I've seen many younger riders move up just because they think it's cool or more manly. I see it in my boys, I think they want me to get a 450 so they can try it. So my question is, why do so many older riders seem to be on the big bikes? Does anyone prefer the smaller displacement bikes? I don't want to get something I'm not going to enjoy. I do like to go fast but I don't need to go around wearing myself out just holding on. Thanks, Rob