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  1. Had my first dirt ride yesterday. Similar experience to RT3856. To me the 449 comes into its own on the more open trails and I think would be right at home on a motox track. Quite frankly I found it pretty hard to ride in the real tight rough stuff. I had about an hour on tight, hilly lose boulder tracks and stalled heaps. Of course rider skill plays a big part, but I don't think I've stalled so much before. Might still be some tuning improvement to help, but bottom line, with the race map etc I just don't think this is where the TE shines. As you say no bike can do everything equally. Heaps of clutch and throttle and you get through (so glad I had electric start). Probably also not helped by a fairly stiff suspension set up. I'm pretty light so will need to play, starting with spring preload. Also factory tires are not be the greatest although lowering the pressure helped heaps. Shifted to more open trails in the afternoon and had a ball - much better. Although still a little prone to stalling - I've probably always been very (too?) heavy on the rear brake and like backing it into corners - the TE won't let me get away with that so I suspect I'll need to change my riding style a bit (a good thing - there is such a thing as a front brake). But overall fast and fun.
  2. It's 'chugging around near idle', as people say with a 'flameout' - big pop and stall, but it happens way before you'd reasonably expect. Anyway the tuner and switching to the racemap seems to have largely fixed that partly as it's idling much higher. I now have a bit of an issue with an inconsistent idle once its warm. Sometimes idling about right, then next time you pull up idling really high, but a blip of the throttle or drag the clutch a little and it settles down agian. Not too fazed about it - still running in and once I have a few miles on it I'll play some more.
  3. Its awesome to see people experimenting and the perspectives they're coming up with as no single position seems to do it all. But I agree with you gsxrdoug, I like the overall riding persective the chest mount provides. Helmet mounts show a great overall view of the surrounds but to me always feel a little disconnected from the bike - the scenery rushes past but with no perspective. I like the way the chest mount captures the front of the bike and the bars (at the loss of some of the surrounds) - seems to give a better feel for the speed of the bike and the way it's moving around, but still gives a reasonable and stable field of view. (and the harnesses are under $40)
  4. Very common theme when dealing with this company. Extremely long delivery times made worse by either complete lack of response to emails/phone calls, or if you do receive a response misleading advice on delivery times. My experience: 13 Nov paid for guard 5 Dec - finally a response after multiple phone calls and emails 7 December - promised shipping date. As of 21 December have heard nothing back.
  5. Exhaust manifold guard! (TE449) Ha! Just went for a short ride to the local gas station for my first fill up and set my jeans on fire! Admittedly less of a problem with mx boots on, but I don't want to burn holes in those either...
  6. Thanks mate - really appreciate the info you and others have put into these forums - don't know what we did before this interweb thingy....!
  7. Put the Powercore on today. Still running the bike in, but noticeably quicker revving and sooo much lighter than the stock muffler. Now stalls at low revs as everyones finds. Have the JD tuner on the way, but might try the reset process tomorrow to see if the ECU can adjust itself....
  8. Thanks - have downloaded to megaupload - details below. If it's not accessible for any reason (I've not used that site before) let me know. Download link: File name: TE 449-511 2011 workshop manual.pdf File description: Workshop Manual for TC/TE449, TE511, TXC449/511 and SMR 449/511 File size: 27.36 MB
  9. BTW - now have a workshop manual for the TE. It covers TC/TE449, TE511, TXC449/511 and SMR 449/511. It's 28MB, but if there's a practical way of posting it let me know.
  10. Thanks - yes your FMF sounds/looks good. Will definitely get the JD tuner too. Power Commander (which I've used on my road bikes) also has an auto tuner which runs off the O2 sensor, but the commander and sensor combined is very pricey. Anyway from the posts I've seen here looks like the JD's easy to tune. (I'd love to put it on a dyno at some stage just to take out the guess work...)
  11. Kind of agree with you there on the muffler - man that thing is big and ugly. Finally took delivery of my 449 and just took it for its first gentle spin Obviously very tight and new, but certainly feels quite restricted. Looking forward to pulling it apart and seeing what I can remove. First thing is a new muffler though (if only we got those factory fitted Akropoviks...). The FMFs look like good value - but would welcome any recommendations
  12. Thanks for the info - yeah if I had my druthers I would have gone for the 511, but sure 449 will be great anyway. Great pics btw.
  13. This is what I've been wondering too - at only $300 difference, but basically all the same specs, including weight, is there any reason you'd go for the 449 (genuine question)? I ordered a 2011 TE 511 only to have it trashed in shipping and now find I can't source another through that retailer, so have 'settled' for a 449 (take delivery next week - let's hope this one makes it in one piece). Has anyone found any features of the 449 or riding circumstances where the 449 is 'better' than the 511?