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  1. BGoodFZ1

    DRZ-E Momentarily Drowns ?

    Thanks captb.....just did a search to get the details on it. I'll give that a shot as well as check the spark plug boot which was an alternative suggestion in the carb vent line fix threads.
  2. BGoodFZ1

    DRZ-E Momentarily Drowns ?

    Had a great ride on my '04 DRZ-E today but early on, I hit a puddle at speed that was deeper than I thought (I'm guessing 18" - 24") and as I came out the other side, the engine was dead. I didn't stall it....it just died instantly after we came out the other side. We made a big splash - my shirt was soaked from it. Twice, I hit the starter twice for about 5 seconds and no start. The 3rd time she fired and ran great as if nothing had happened. What do you think caused the engine to die - just a gulp of water hit the intake and and got in the carb ? Assuming so, any harm or follow up I should do ? Thanks in advance. Bill
  3. Until I can get around to the needed repairs, any harm in riding it like is and just turning off the fuel valve when I'm finished ?
  4. BGoodFZ1

    Sea Foam Question

    On the Yamaha FZ1 forum, comprised of what I regard as experienced, knowledgeable guys who dispense solid advice, Sea Foam is highly regarded as an effective product for cleaning/maintaining the fuel system. Sea Foam receives almost unanimous support there as a useful gas treatment similar in popular opinion as say using Stabil and a Battery Tender during the off-season.
  5. So today's bumpy, aggressive ride didn't do anything to cause the problem.....it would have happened regardless ?
  6. Noble, actually it's an '04....I confused it with my '02 FZ1. Would being an '04 make a difference, i.e. different carb/configuration ?
  7. Took my new to me '02 DRZ 400E on my first spirited trail ride - miles of rugged, rocky, hill intensive terrain. This bike is a helluva machine on the trail and a mountain goat of a climber - I was very pleased ! However, post ride, there is gas leaking from the carb overflow hose onto the ground. Could something common that ya'll know of happened during the jarring ride today (e.g. stuck float) ? Carb/exhaust/intake - all stock. Thanks in advance. Bill
  8. BGoodFZ1

    not drz...but craigslist humor ;)

    He's a gifted communicator and a master of the written word. Thank you Ed...Special Ed !
  9. That is exactly the feeling I have after a great ride - post orgasmic !
  10. I went Bumtarder's route and bought a $5.00 pint of STP Octane boost and as Little Red Toyota suggests, I'll just take it easy on the throttle for good measure. Thanks for the input guys !
  11. As the title states, I just bought an '04 DRZ 400E. On the trailer ride home, I stopped to fill the tank and put in 87 Octane. Upon arriving home, I noticed a sticker on the bike that said to run 90 + Octane only. Any harm in running this one tank of 87 through ?