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  1. Whats up everyone i am looking at getting a 04 crf and was wondering if anyone has any input or opinions on this specific year/model. All advice is appreciated.
  2. rwoten654

    Which crf450r 08-12

    I have an 11' and its absolutely an amazing machine. Im not sure what the other guy was saying about the 08' having smoother power delivery. The 11 with the FI is so smooth and crisp. And the turning and handling is hands down one pf the best out of the top four. I have ridden all of them but the Suzuki and the crf450 feels like it is a 250. Wont ever ride another bike.
  3. rwoten654

    Newbie topic?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I probably am going with a helmet first but was just wondering about the rest. The linkage is something I was thinking of but will it affect anything cus im 6'4''? Also how do the maps work cus I feel just the slip on itself gave alot of power and response so what will the remap do?
  4. rwoten654

    2011-2012 exhaust upgrades

    I have the powercore 4 slip-on for my '11 and it sounds sick and opened it up alot! pretty good price too.
  5. rwoten654

    Newbie topic?

    Whats up everyone? So i have been riding motocross for about a year now still a beginner maybe moving up to novice soon! Only have like three pretty close friends who know about bikes and motocross and i am constantly getting different answers or opinions from them. Nothing unusual about this, i understand but i was wanting to get more opinions/views. I have some questions about upgrading some things on my bike. I have a 2011 crf450r. I already have renthal twinwall bars, protaper bar clamps, sunline v1 mdx levers/just the levers i didnt get the complete assembly so i still have the stock perches, fastway pegs, fmf power core 4 slip on, chain and sprockets/stock front 52 rear, grips, suspension and air filter. Pretty minor things but i was wondering where i should go from here? I just got new gear and boots, still have a fox v1 helmet so thinking of getting a better helmet but any/all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys/gals!