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  1. hi there people, I have a few questions to ask, hoping that people who know their stuff might be able to help me clear up a few carb issues. i have taken the carbs off my bike again and have taken them apart fully. i noticed a few things that i didnt before. Firstly the primary carb's throttle valve does not close fully because there is a bolt stopping it on the butterfly (which i could easily adjust). could this be there reason that the bike won't idle? also the primary throttle valve opens to nearly half way before the throttle valve starts to open on the second carb. is this normal? Secondly i have noticed that the profile on the bottom on the throttle valve is curved in the primary carb and flat in the second carb. is this the right way round. because i can see that someones clearly been here before (cardboard gaskets) Thirdly i the main jets appear to not be standard. unfortunately i made the mistake of buying a US manual, when i live i the UK, but the main jet in the primary carb is 102 and 122 in the second carb. the slow jet is 55 (which i think is correct) would these different main jets make much difference? i think (because the spark plug is black) that it has been running too rich, so surely smaller jets wont be a bad thing? is this correct? thanks for any info at all cheers john
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    '83 XL600R carbs

    hi there, so i got the carbs of the bike and found that the floats where jamming on one of the jets. i think its because of a slight twist in the floats. gently bend then the other way and they jam much less now. i took out the jets and put compressed air through them to try and clean them out. i had a look at the float needle and its seat and could see any damage or dirt. i slightly bend the tab on the floats to make sure it was closing properly. now occasionally the petrol still pisses out as soon as i turn the fuel on from the tank, but a small tap on the side of the float bowl stops this (coz is unjams the floats on the jet i reckon) but the bike still does not want to run at low revs. it backfires/dies etc etc. what could be wrong????? i dont understand it, seeing as there didn't seem to any damage or dirt to the float needle/seat. cheers john
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    '83 XL600R carbs

    ok, thanks. so just to be clear i have to remove the carbs before i can start on the primary carb. or can i just take the float bowl of the first carb and clean/replace the float needle and needle seat, whilst the carbs are still on the bike. thanks john
  4. hi there, i just bought a real nice XL600 of a mate for 400quid with only 9 thou on the meter. it starts first time every time even when cold. but i have a problem with it. (what i think is the first carb) pisses out fuel unless i am really pinning the throttle, and it floods. it wont idle coz it dies. and also if i try and ride keeping the revs constants it lurches forward and back all the time. basically its only seems happy when the throttle is wide open. i'm guessing this means the second carb is ok, but the first is not. I'm no great mechanic and i would rather not take on a full carb rebuild as i am not confident i wouldnt just make it worse. I'm guessing its the float levels in the first carb. i was wondering if anyone could tell me if its possible to adjust the float level with out removing the carbs, if i can just take off the float bowl and do it like that? i would really appreciate any help, as i am gagging to get out there and tear up some tracks on the beast! cheers for any advice john ps. the temp gauge isn't working, but i'm pretty sure its running too hot. other bikes i've had in past havent got so hot so quick. cheers