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  1. fortiesNblunts

    Electrical/Mechanical Problem

    Bump. Any more info guys?
  2. fortiesNblunts

    Electrical/Mechanical Problem

    So the whole stator coil is supposed to sit in oil if it is left for a long time? I thought maybe that was what made the stator go bad getting covered in oil. But if that is correct then that means I just need a new casket for the external stator cover and a new stator coil. Now I saw another thread talking about these Baja design external stators and someone in an older post mentioned they don't make them anymore. You know if I could find one? Appreciate the help man...
  3. fortiesNblunts

    Electrical/Mechanical Problem

    I have a 2000 YZ426F. It cam with a light kit installed from BajaDesigns. About a month ago the lights and speedo stopped working. I figured it had to be the aftermarket stator but I hadn't gotten a chance to research it to see if I could get a new stator from the company. Well I had been riding it solid for about a month after this happened and noticed that I had a small oil leak after riding. I would put the bike up and the next day there would be a few drops on the ground under the bike. I didn't initially try to track down where it was coming from but the other night I was in the garage and just happened to look under the bike and noticed it was coming from the cover for this aftermarket external stator kit. So being the curious idiot that I am, I pulled the cover off. All the oil in the bike cam pouring out. Now, being that I have absolutely no experience with these engines I have no idea if that should have happened. In the clymer manual they don't say anything about draining the oil from the bike before removing the flywheel cover so I have a feeling that there shouldn't have been oil in there. Anyone have any suggestions? Is the head cracked? Could it be a seal? Let me know if you have any ideas as to what I should do. Thanks, -Rob