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    New to me XR400R

    So, I've been a member on this site for a long time and I think this is my first post, haha. Anyway last weekend I took my Suzuki DRZ400S out on the Wayne National Forest OHV Trails and decided right then and there that I needed to get a dedicated trail bike. I knew what I wanted I've had an XR250R in the past and it was an awesome bike, so I went scouring Craigslist and there it was a 1996 XR400R for a decent price so I jumped on it and brought it home yesterday to sit beside my '81 cb750 and '06 DRZ400S. The only issue I found is that it didn't come with a tool kit and those sockets don't fit to well for getting the spark plug out, but all is good because I made myself a nice little tool out of a 14mm deep well socket and an 18mm universal max access socket. Cost me 8.50 and a little bit of time welding and grinding. (thought I was going to get by without shaving the OD of the max access socket but nope had to grind it down.)