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  1. DOC

    TTR125 Head Gasket

    Can i get a bit more info on the way the oil travels up to the valve train? Are you saying the oil uses the head bolts to go up?
  2. Hi, my partner is just starting out in the dirtbike world which is good since ive been washed up for a few years. Im going to be upgrading the rear shock on her 2010 ttr230 since the suspension is downright dangerous. Looking at the Works shock which has great reviews, there are three choices for said bike. There are two non-adjustable Steel Gasser units, one with an external reservoir. They also have the Pro Series which includes damper and compression adjustment. Since the bike will only be trail ridden, im thinking of getting the non-adjustable unit since im sure Works would be able to set it pretty much spot on from the shop. However, the shock will be sold off later, and the Pro would be easier to sell i imagine. I don't want to overcapitalise on the bike, but if there are gains to be had with a Pro Series unit id go that way. Also, I can't really send it back and get the free adjustment since im over in Australia. Looking for advice before i part with the hard earned.
  3. http://motochat.com/uploads/1134667452/gallery_710_1_27987.jpg Im sure at least one of these girls knows someone with a dirtbike, so therefore this photo is dirtbike related.
  4. Sorry mate, fixed now. Its the one from JA anyway
  5. i think we have found the very best http://www.savvy.com/media/hi-res.aspx?art_id=11648&pic_id=17 DOC-'Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends, the best thing on TT'
  6. No argument, a modern 250 two banger will eat a 250F and spit out the valves.
  7. Do they come correctly pre-oiled? If so, and his old filter was over oiled (like most are), then yeah i reckon he might feel a difference.
  8. DOC

    Wheelie Crash

    If the dumb *uck knew how to ride and had his foot over the rear brake, he could have saved that with time to spare
  9. DOC

    alessi/tedesco crash vid

    That was right before he 'dragged' his KTM over the Kawa.
  10. Thats just how everyone drives in Europe.
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v...s/DSCN01501.jpg Awesome wheelie! That takes much skill indeed. First one on the RM is good too
  12. DOC

    Too many haters :-D

    Very well done, especially on a two banger