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  1. I didn't get any further info from Supertrapp. They said 4-10 disc range. I removed the stock exhaust and found that the exhaust pipe has a sleeve that the tail pipe slips over. The sleeve would need to be removed before the supertrapp could be installed. The Supertrapp would be a permanent installation as that sleeve is part of the exhaust pipe and can't be removed without cutting it off. Since the bike runs excellent and the difference in weight is indistinguishable when holding the exhausts in each hand, I'm not going to make any changes at this time. I don't care for the looks of the stock exhaust, but the bike functions fine with it and until I feel the need for more power and adjustability of the exhaust, I'm going to ride my XR as it is. The more you are working on a bike the less you ride. If anyone sees this post and has some experience with the Supertrapp and any other uncorking ideas and tips for the 1982 XR500R, please post about them here. Thanks
  2. I got an email from supertrapp saying the pipe was a 1st generation xr500r pipe that ran between 4-10 disc's. He also thought that the pipe had been modified from the pictures I sent, but it hasn't and I sent more pictures showing this and asked for any jetting info he might have. From the generic info he sent so far I doubt that they have any specific information available on a pipe this old. Does anyone have any specific main jet, needle and slow jet info on for the 1982 xr500r? What jets they came with and what was done when a more free flowing pipe was added? I know with more modern bikes, emissions and the lean burn came into play. I don't know how Honda was handling this problem back in 1982 and if there are gains to be made in power like they did by re-jetting the xr650 when the flow was uncorked. Thanks
  3. I talked to Steve at Supertrapp and while he couldn't find anything in his immediate, accessible records, he said he would dig into his archives next week and find out everything he could about the exhaust. This kind of customer support says a lot about their company. I'll post here what I find out.
  4. That last link helping to ID the Trap helped me find the number which is 4MDR-3503. Now to find out what that means. I will try to contact Supertrapp tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Thanks Knudsen, I appreciate the help. The supertrap and tail pipe are one unit(steel) about 29"long. The disc's are 2.5" center hole and about 3.75" across. I only have 7 disc's. There is no packing inside the muffler before the disc's. There are .25"holes(23) in a concave plate covering the opening and a baffle of some kind with a few more holes in that behind the plate. It is difficult to see what is inside, it is not made to be accessed beyond changing disc's. I had a super trap in the past that had a screen with steel wool behind it, that could be changed. The unit is used but looks good. I would like a link if you have it for the vintage pipe and muffler combo. Thanks again
  6. I bought a supertrap exhaust system for my 82 xr500r. It has the exhaust pipe and muffler as a unit. I thought I could lose a small amount of weight and maybe add a few ft/lbs of torque. I'm hoping someone has some experience with discs and jetting. I'm near sea level and run a twin air. The bike runs good now, maybe I shouldn't mess with it especially if the gains are only a small weight loss. Thanks
  7. b50mx

    1983 xr200r timing chain rubbing

    It isn't sloppy now the chain guide or the chain. I tightened the chain with the tensioner before I took the flywheel off, actually before I thought I'd remove the flywheel. Wish I hadn't done that now, because the chain doesn't come close to that grinded area now, but that's pushing it by hand. I don't know what is happening with the engine running. I think I better pull the head to get it right. Thanks
  8. Hello, I posted a question about my aluminum grinding pieces in the oil a month or so back and said I would post a picture of the timing chain behind the flywheel, once I had it off. I finally had the time to work on that and I'll post that picture. It shows the area of the rubbing and what looks like the chain tensioner not in position, but I'm not sure. Your advice is appreciated. Thanks, Greg
  9. b50mx

    1982 xr500r

    Hello, I need to find a manual compression release, for my 1982 xr500r. I'm hoping other models might use the same parts. My bike doesn't have the lever, or cable. Any advice/help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. b50mx

    A few questions about my little 71 Honda SL 125

    Possibly an expert could give you some advice if they heard it running with a YouTube video.
  11. b50mx

    sl125 honda

    I bought it in LaPine. Thanks for the compliments, but the actual compliments should go to the 85 year old guy that bought it new and took care of it for all these years.
  12. b50mx

    sl125 honda

    Here is a picture of my sl125. It's in my basement. I've only had it a couple of months. I'm disappointed I have not been able to ride it much. Everything works on it. It's not restored, it is more of a survivor, not perfect, but very nice shape. The weather here in Oregon is getting wetter and colder and hasn't put me in a riding mood. I hope the picture comes through good enough. It is exactly like the one I bought new in 1972.
  13. b50mx

    bad monoshock's

    I don't believe either bike has been run since the mid eighty's and wondered if they could lose their charge from sitting. I found a shop that will rebuild it for $100 if necessary, hope I don't need to. Thanks
  14. b50mx

    bad monoshock's

    If I saw any sign of oil leakage I would also figure that the oil is gone, but the shock is completely clean no dust sticking to anything. I also believe it is likely the bike has never been cleaned other than by a garden hose. I'll try some pressure. It sound like it is required for the shock to work as designed, but how much?
  15. b50mx

    bad monoshock's

    I was wondering what the nitrogen does. I have a xr350r that has a good working monoshock and I can hear the dampening especially well if I compress the shock and let it up. I just don't know what is going on in there. There are no signs of oil leakage on the non-working shock. Thanks