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    used atv/utv @ $4,000 budget

    Thanks...good feedback..Crap! I'm going to look at a 2010 Honda racher 410 with under 100 miles Saturday for $4,000. The 28 year old kid swears it's not been abused or anything, he just needs college money and pay his rent. He says it still has a warranty left on it....
  2. fastback4

    used atv/utv @ $4,000 budget

    Thanks for your reply..I like bullet proof and well proven machines. I'll start my search with Honda models........Tom
  3. fastback4

    Polishing plastics

    I have had pretty good results using a 5" round cotton buffing pad I purchased at Autozone and powering it with small pneumatic right angle grinding air gun. I heard in a bar one night that using chrome polish (liquid or paste) works well on removing light visible scratches on plastic and lexan lenses. Apply polish only when temperature is cool ( 75-80 deg. ) Spread the polish on a lightly damp cotton applicator and in one motion only (not circular) , you know, wax on wax off, apply the polish. Use medium force when applying. Right after the polish dries lightly buff the area left right/ up down. I have done this many times for different plastic applications and have had successful results. This will not work as well if decals are in the way so take it easy around these.
  4. I'm 60yr. old and have a $4,000 budget to get my "first" atv or utv. I've never rode one of these either but I've watched some "youtube" videos and it does'nt look that difficult. I intend to pull a 6 foot 3 blade self propelled finish mower that weighs 200 pounds over 20 acres of rolling field. I need a automatic with select 4 wheel drive and a minimum 400 cc. I live in northern Ky. so i don't see many of these things being used. How can i tell if a used one has been abused? Do you suggest a dealership or a private owner? I need suggestions for buying a atv/utv that will suit my needs. Thanks......Tom