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  1. liamc93

    My CRF 450 X idling issues

    Yeah, I let it idle on choke for about 90 seconds then off choke for another 30 then ride it, i dont rev it much for around 7 minutes driving and after 10 it will idle ok as it's warm, So the JD jetting kit is worth getting for the road? is there just 1 JD kit or different ones> might browse online now and look for some
  2. liamc93

    My CRF 450 X idling issues

    I'm pretty sure it's standard jetting, i use it 100% road use. It has around 15 hours/400 miles on it, guessing the hours it's around 15, worth getting a jetting kit for road use?
  3. liamc93

    My CRF 450 X idling issues

    Ok I have a 2010 CRF 450 x only 400 miles on the clock, installed stainless steel valves as for some unknown reason the intake were &%$#@!ed already. Starts well, rides well but when i come to a traffic light it will idle for 10 seconds then cut out, it starts back up really easy but it's really frustrating. It does it a lot more often when it's cold and takes 10 mins of riding to get warm enough to stop it happening as much. Tried adjusting idle screw slightly up hasn't helped that much turned it 3/4 of a turn. Off topic but can anyone tell me how to post pictures in a message so i can show you what it looks like now?
  4. liamc93

    Sold my CRF450X

    In those 17,000 miles what did you need to replace in the engine?
  5. liamc93

    What's the Rocker cover made out of?

    I ride it on the road and have never even hit the rev limiter for the last 200 miles, i got it at 200 and has 400 now. the left in take was the worst one and couldnt be shimmed :/ maybe i need to check air filter for holes or something, what would happen if i spray painted the rocker cover, would it just come off? wander how much powder coating would cost
  6. I have just bought some heat proof paint as I want to paint my rocker cover, exhaust guard and other stuff, but was wandering what the rocker cover is made out of and will it work because i think its something like magnesium. Currently have my 2010 CRF 450 x down to the head, putting steel valves in as the titanium intake ones were unshimable at only 14 hours !!!!!! don't have a clue how that happened,
  7. liamc93

    Is this enough?

    Can't believe that the piston pin is twice the price of the actual piston! , maybe if you're doing all of that you might want to get stainless steel intake valves? might be a good idea if you don't want to adjust them as often
  8. liamc93

    Suspension settings for road use

    Couldn't find another topic about suspension for road so thought i'd ask, i dont know much about suspension settings and i use my bike with supermoto rims and 100% road use, where I live in Guernsey is a small island, you dont really hit over 40mph and there are a lot of corners, so i want better handling so what do you guys suggest i have my suspension, harder or softer?? or how many clicks, i've just left it as it was when i got it
  9. liamc93

    Bike has problem idleing

    I have a 2010 CRF 450 X and I find that i have to let it warm up on choke for around 90 seconds, then off choke for another minute but this isnt even enough if i go up the road stop at traffic lights after 15 seconds itll just cut out. It only idles when its been running for at least 5 minutes of riding or it'll just cut out, is there an reason why my bike needs so much time to warm up or are all of them like this? I look at my vector speedo and when it registers at 55 degress cent i take the choke off and let it go upto 70 then ride, anything that can help? would adjusting my idle screw slightly higher help?
  10. liamc93

    Something I got on my CRF today and glad i got it

    I used to use a brake disc lock, it works well but if you forget about it you scratch your caliper and you look like an absolute twat haha. The key system I have will stop most people from taking it, obviously you could unplug it but i meant if someone knows how to do that and want it that bad they would do it to any ignition. I think for £30 it was a great buy and meant anyone cant walk up start it up rev the &%$#@! out of it and damage my engine/use my fuel or even let it just tick over and overheat, i doubt that will happen but you never know. At the end of the day it's better than having no ignition, i will upload a pic of how its installed and what it looks like if you guys want but i dont know how to post a picture yet =D
  11. I just bought an ignition barrel for my bike, it literally plugged straight in, took 1 minute to install, and only cost £33. Works perfectly and will stop anyone just riding off with my bike, i highly reccomend it http://www.proracing.co.uk/xc_lighting_honda_crf250X_450X.htm is where i got it, im sure there's a place in the USA aswell, just thought i'd let you know its cheap and is stupidly easy to install. Just thought i'd let ya know
  12. liamc93

    ~450X RIDERS~ Ride reports and picture links - Non technical!

    http://bikepics.com/members/liamc93/10crfx/ my beast
  13. liamc93

    Manual- and 2010 CRF 450 X oil changes help

    I'm still deciding which one to buy, but why would K&N sell filters that don't work? but i dont NEED a K&N filter as the standard foam ones should last a while on the roads anyway
  14. My bike started at the touch of the button (less than a second) to start a fwe weeks ago with only 190 miles on the clock now it has 330 it takes at least 4 seconds to start with choke on, it could be normal for it? i dont think the valves would go out of spec as they were checked at 190 miles. Could it just be the weather or maybe a new spark plug might help? Also im 100% road using this bike with SM wheels on, is it a good idea to rejet the bike?
  15. liamc93

    Manual- and 2010 CRF 450 X oil changes help

    Also say I change my engine oil every 300 miles which should be ok for road use how often does the tranny oil need changing..? every 300 miles also or will it last longer?