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  1. 2strokeforever

    1983 cr 250 drain plug stripped and no oil

    I think the thread repair kit is made by Loctite.
  2. 2strokeforever

    1983 cr 250 drain plug stripped and no oil

    Most parts stores carry a thread repair kit which I have used and to my surprise it worked great. It is an epoxy which you coat the stripped threads using a screw driver or something similar. Coat the threads thoroughly just enough to cover all the threads. After coating the threads you then coat the threads on your drain plug with another solution that comes with the kit. Then you screw the drain plug all the way in but do not tighten or torque it. Let it cure completely and screw the drain plug out. It will be kinda hard to screw out the first time. Then screw it back in and torque as usual but do not over torque. This stuff is harder than the aluminum case and the threads should be stronger than ever. This stuff worked great the one time I used it. If for some reason it doesn't work you still have all the other options available. Good Luck.
  3. 2strokeforever

    01 cr250 jetting question

    Are you sure the 160 is even close? I have a 2001 CR250R and the stock main jet shows to be a #420 with an optional slow jet from 25 to 45.
  4. 2strokeforever

    Another 01 CR Brought Back To Life

    Hey I think you will end up with a really slick bike. It's looking good. I recently traded a real clean 2001 YZ426F even for a real clean 2001 CR250R and I really like it. I was really glad to get rid of the Yamaha. I feel like I made a good trade. P.S. - If you ever decide to give your bike away, I'll take it. LOL