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    Is this a fair price?

    As much as I would like a brand new bike, I can't really afford it at this point, and I feel for my first bike used would probably be better. I'm hoping with it being a 2006 and having an even newer motor, that there will be fewer problems than an older bike, though I know it really depends on how the rider took care of it. Like I said, since its a friend I know he's taken good care of it, and kept up on the maintenance (not saying something can't happen).
  2. Rhyno37

    Is this a fair price?

    So I'm looking to get my first dirt bike of my own, and my friend is selling is 06 CRF250R. I want to be sure I pay a fair price. He's asking $3000 for it. I'm not quite sure on the hours, but it has an 07 or 08 motor in it because the last one locked up on him. The only mod I'm certain of is Taper handle bars. One of my friends says he has got to have a crap load of money into it between the new engine and other mods hes done, once I get a list I'll edit this post. Me and my friends included know he takes very good care of his stuff. I just want to make sure I'm not overpaying. The only reason he's getting rid of it is because he's going out of state for college. The same year/size of bike is listing on CL for about $2700 to $3200 in my area. Here are some pictures from the day he bought it from the dealership (he is the second owner):