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    Motorcycles,guitars,my wife. Not in any particular order! But my wife is number one in my life. Sometimes I get to do other things... ;)

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  1. Why are some people so cruel to others?

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    2. BurnCycle


      The more I get out of the house for work or errands the more I want to just hole up in my house with my wife. But that too is driving me crazy. I need to get out in the desert away from this neon plastic city.

    3. Debi


      Yes you do need to get out and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! It soooooo seems as if NO ONE cares bout anything but themselves anymore. So sucks.

    4. Joker1290


      Some people are just plain evil. Mick Fleetwood came out at the end of the concert and said "We travel this crazy world, it gets crazier everyday, BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER" It's that simple.