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  1. Im thinking of riding my '11 drz400 to arizona this month to visit a buddy who just bought a house in there. its about a 1200 mile ride for me which would be mostly be highway at 65+ speeds. My question is how long is to long to have my bike going 65+ for? I have no mods everything is stock. Your comments are appreciated
  2. well i switched the wire connections and it worked....horray!!
  3. stock. everything on the bike is stock besides these turn signals
  4. The right side is working connecting the black to green and red to black/white. The left side which was working previously is not. I have the black to black and red to black/white. I have taken them apart and re wired to see if that luck. any suggestions
  5. Ok..that was easy. now there disconnected how do i get the wires out of the male ends
  6. In addition to my previous thread I found where the rear turn signals are connected and ran into the connectors... Do they pull apart? All that can with the blinkers is whats in my hand so i suspect they do. Now what....? cheers!
  7. As far as wiring the new ones how do i go about that?
  8. thanks guys ill look into the edge kit when i have the money for now i will try to mod the stock peice or put them in the metal slots.
  9. I need to replace my rear blinkers with these new ones i bought. I have no idea how they mount on. My bike is a DRz400s '11. Can someone please explain how they mount on. Thanks