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  1. I passed on it, I'm glad I asked in here. I don't really have a lot of experience with these, just a newfound hobby of mine. I really like this bike, I'd like a quad too, which is what I was trying to get when this trade offer came up. I think I'll just keep the bike altogether and forget trading it off, it really is a sweet bike. I'll work on getting a quad with some other toys I got laying around.
  2. Not sure on the hours, not many at all though.
  3. I don't race, the bike has only been in one, mainly the thing I'm looking for is to get a bigger bike, that I could use both on and off road, and a 4 stroke. I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the Suzuki, I'm actually leery about any other bike but this one. I think I'll pass on it.
  4. That is a type of race. Click Here
  5. I've got a 2006 YZ125 converted over to a hare scrambler ready bike. The conversion includes Enduro Engineering bark busters, Renthal Twin wall bars, 50T rear sprocket, new chain, extended capacity fuel tank, new plastics, full graphics, ODI lock on grips, radiator guards, FMF silencer, skid plate and new tires. No expense spared when it was built. Low hours and not beat to death. I've got an opportunity to trade it for an 05 RM Z450. What do you all think? Good trade or no? I know what I have, it is a well taken care of mint bike. This one doesn't look bad though, and it comes with an enduro light kit as well. Mine Trade offer
  6. I'll have a look at it today. these pics were from the PO of the bike, I only have the ones from when I had it strapped onto the back of the truck so it could be adjusted differently now. I'm not sure how much slack it should have, I'll have to research that, I'll be messing with it tomorrow to get it ready for Saturday, the tires could use a bit of air, and I'll look at the chain too. I also need to learn how to mix gas for this thing, I believe it is 32:1, Ihave to see how that translates into oil per gallon of gas, hopefully I can get it down to a container of oil per 5 gallons of gas to make it easy.
  7. Just got this, I had a 1990 DR250, traded it away for an iPad 3, didn't really care for the iPad, so I traded that along with a couple other tech things for this. So far it is Garage Art, I'm going out on Saturday though to see what it is made of. This bike is built for hare scrambling, and it is awesome.
  8. I saw those, the thing about them is that I would think that their knees would be hitting them in their chins. i was wondering about a drop mount. @ HillBilly-- As for searching the forums, I did... there may have been discussions on it, there just weren't any recommendations that I liked. This logic would be a sort of forum killer if you ask me. Nobody should ask questions for the simple reason that it has been discussed before. At what point does a forum die then, eventually every topic will be covered once, and there will be no more new opinions allowed because they have been hashed out before... That is just simple minded stupidity right there, I didn't ask for that sort of response, and it really wasn't necessary. This isn't my first rodeo on a forum. My kids are about 5'2 ish, and taking them for rides would involve a slow meander around a field, I'm sure that at some point the fun of it would wear off for them so I don't think it will be a long term thing. I do want to get them their own bikes, but alas, not everyone is made of money, I'm working on trading things around for some though for sure.
  9. I just picked up this sweet 06 yz125, I'm anticipating taking my kids on the occasional trail ride, so I would like to get some unobtrusive rear foot pegs that fold up out of the way when not in use. I see them on ebay, just looking to see if there are any that are generally recommended for this.
  10. ATM

    Making a 1990 Suzuki DR250 Street Legal

    Never heard the term nanny state, but if it is the same as corrupt cesspool then that is where I live for sure. This state is an armpit. But, I don't currently have a title, I need to apply for a lost title, so the question is, what did this bike come with, an off road only one? It was originally registered in OH, it has a sticker on it from there. Hopefully this works out. If not, I'll need to find another one, and just keep this one for the dirt I suppose.
  11. ATM

    Making a 1990 Suzuki DR250 Street Legal

    Excellent, I never thought of that for the speedo. It would be nice to get some Lights too. I found a kit on ebay that seems like a good thing Tusk Motorcycle Enduro Lighting Kit Fits: 1990 To 1993 SUZUKI DR250
  12. I'm looking at what it will take to add some lights and convenience to my newly running bike. Currently it has a headlight, and the tail light is broken clean off. I'd love to upgrade this with a speedo and tach (maybe), a new tail light (probably incorporating the license plate bracket), turn signals, and I would really like electric start if it is even possible. Are there any kits that do this? I see the Baja Kit, it is a bit pricey but one of the ones I read about referenced to a Quick Release kit, what is that? Also, What exactly crosses over to this model, what years interchange, what models interchange? I believe I had read that a DR350 engine fits and is a nice upgrade. And, is there a chainguard by the footpeg? Here are some pics. Finally after a year of procrastination, running as of yesterday.
  13. ATM

    1990 DR250 carb setting

    So I figured I would update this as the problem is solved. I ended up giving the bike to my BIL's friend who is a wiz at working on these things to rebuild the carb and get it running right. He got it running, but only with the choke on halfway. So it ended up sitting in my garage for, wow, almost a year. I was almost going to trade it for a 1977 Craftsman 10/6 tractor with a plow, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought I was getting the short end of the stick. All this time, I've known that if the bike is running fine on half choke, then the reasoning is that it is not getting enough fuel, but I've just never gone out and looked into it. Well, yesterday was the day, I went out, put the bike up on my motorcycle jack and started checking things out. Pulled the fuel line off and it looked like it was replaced, it looked new. Pulled the petcock out of the tank to see if there was a filter on there, and there was, one of those screen jobs, actually two, one level for the regular, and another for the reserve level. They looked fine. Pulled the petcock apart, all good in there. Then I looked at the connectors the fuel line go on, sure looked bigger than 1/4", looked at the line I was using, it was 1/4" ID, I had some 3/8" from my Camaro Project car, it was a bit loose, so I put some of that on. I really could use some 5/16", but for a test of theory this was just what I wanted. Bike runs great! So, I'm keeping it, I need to see what is all in getting a lost title for a motorcycle in the great state of Illinois, and proceed to make this thing street legal so I can ride it around. I'll be looking around at what I can do to get it up to speed, how to add turn signals and a brake light and license plate mount, electric start would be so nice, speedometer and tach, passenger footpegs and then once the car is done, I'm going to make this my project and pull it all apart, powdercoat the frame and rebuild the motor, basically make it like new. I would also love to make all of the plastics black.
  14. ATM

    1990 DR250 carb setting

    ^^^from where, start if threading til stop? I think the method is generally all the way in, then count back on a carb.
  15. ATM

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Well, my new toy is a DR250L. Here it is, P.O. could not get it running, so I've got a bit of work to do to it. Apparently he got it running on full choke last night one time, but it died letting the choke go it. Also, if you turn the fuel on, it just pours right on out the bottom, so I'm guessing that the carb needs some work. Should I get a carb rebuild kit, or is it something I can take apart and clean up with carb cleaner and a bit of elbow grease? I've absolutely never had much luck at bikes. I had a 1975 Harley AMF dual sport bike before that I could never get to running, took it to a bike guy and he could not either though... AND I really didn't dedicate myself to it either. Hopefully I can get this thing moving, it looks like a blast.