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    400 ex, xr400 Help please!

    This is what I have going on. 03 400 ex, just had extensive head work done by a reputable company. I was trying to get it back together this weekend and have run into a snag and I'm looking for some help. Problem is the cam they supplied is a reground xr400 cam. I don't have a service manual for an xr 400 and am looking for the specs and procedure to do so. The other thing that seems strange is that there is still a decompression ring on the cam and the 400ex has no decompression release. Wouldn't it seem as though the ring is going to slop around inside even after the valve adjustment is done? Aside from calling the company to get some info tomorrow which I will do, just looking for some quick info. I'm leaving for a two week vacation in two days then have a race right after I return and was hoping to get my break in done before I go. Any help would be appreciated greatly.