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  1. UCMEngineLead

    Husky Turbocharging

    Can an oil cooler even be supported? Do riders ever adapt an auxillary pump to deal with added heat?
  2. UCMEngineLead

    Husky Turbocharging

    Is there any way to boost oil capacity on a husky motor??
  3. UCMEngineLead

    Husky Turbocharging

    Hello All, I was curious if you could help me understand something. Why aren't there very many stories about Husqvarna thumper motorcycles with turbochargers added? I have heard that this may be because of limited oil supply to remove the added heat.... Or maybe from the inconsistency of the exhaust gasses. I have read threads about other thumpers that have had successful runs with turbochargers(Honda XR650R for example), but no Huskies..... What's up with that?
  4. UCMEngineLead

    Will My Motor Blow Up??

    I would have measured the bore and stroke had this truly been in question a month ago. An interesting tidbit of info tho. EFI is in the works. Albeit a long ways off but it will happen.
  5. UCMEngineLead

    Will My Motor Blow Up??

    Thank you all for your responses! I will definitely get in touch with George Erl. I am encouraged by the fact that he can be so helpful. As far as the motor, I have been told it is a 1986 motor. The kick start is on the left had side of the motor. Although it has been removed to make way for an electric start, per competition rules. I also found out we did use the "tator's rebuild" guidelines to rebuild the motor. Very good directions! And there is DEFINITELY a gasket for the transmission case. the only seam that is still waiting for a gasket is the cam cover and rocker arm covers.
  6. UCMEngineLead

    Will My Motor Blow Up??

    Hello All, I am the Engine Team lead at the University of California, Merced's Formula SAE Team. We are a brand new team and I am brand new to engine building, tuning, managing. I have 'inherited' the team's 1986 Husqvarna 610 TE motor. My QUESTION is: Will the motor start up smoothly? OR Will it blow-up upon turning over? So Far, It has been completely stripped and cleaned. From what I've been told, the whole bike was pretty overgrown when the motor was purchased. All the transmission parts were inspected. I have at least seen those, and they are in good condition. Assembly lube was applied during rebuilding, and RTV silicone applied to the crank case seams. All bearings were replaced. The crank has been trued. The connecting rod has been replaced. The cylinder sleeve was replaced with a cast iron one. New piston. New wrist pin. All new valves. All new valve guides. All new valve springs. The Cam is in good condition. Clutch and shifter components are in good condition. In terms of major components the motor is together. The tranny is buttoned up, the cylinder barrel and cylinder head is put together. The clutch basket is assembled and on the motor. Except for covers, and "accessories" the finishing touches, the motor is complete. I don't want to proceed only to find out I need to tear the accessories all off again, just to readjust internals. "Input/Output"-Wise... When I attempt to turn the clutch basket with the clutch cover off, it is difficult, (because there is not much leverage with my hands) but it does turn. It also turns the output shaft, which I think is a good sign. IF I had the gear selector shaft, that slips over the gear selector in the crank case, then i could make sure the tranny shifts, and put it in neutral. I have other members of the team concentrating on the fuel system, electrical system, drivetrain, and cooling. I am just trying to get as much information about this motor as I can, so that it can be utilized with minimized damage. Its the only one we have. Again, I am new at this, so I appreciate your courtesy, and helpful knowledge.