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  1. gr8dngr

    Drum Roll Please!!! Last Dog Standing #540

    Nice pics! I had a great time getting holeshot on novice line. Ended up eating a boulder on lds2, left with poison oak, it was great! #novice4life
  2. I'll be there Saturday working the event, should be there Sunday participating.
  3. look to leave it with a m/c club or race team that's there participating, that's what I did last may at the shamrocks big 6 race there. or possibly valet parking at the very least vs public parking.
  4. gr8dngr

    Adelanto GP

    They red flagged two races due to injuries, the pro race red flagged and postponed till 7am Sunday, did not hear any other details.
  5. gr8dngr

    2017 WORCS Racing

    Pmd you
  6. gr8dngr

    CA Race thread

    Jason are you gonna practice for the qualifier?if I can get motivated I'm going xmas day for a bit and the following two weekends to try and get in some kind of race shape.
  7. gr8dngr

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    I'm heading up to the track at quail cyn in a little bit if you have nothing better to do, I need the practice.
  8. gr8dngr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    I should be good to go for tomorrow, where and what time?
  9. gr8dngr

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    If this ride is still on I'm going try to make it
  10. gr8dngr

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    I did, but i have premix i want to use.
  11. gr8dngr

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    Hey Schmo, is a plated bike necessary once on top of the hilll?
  12. gr8dngr

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    My first supermoto 2005 ktm 450 exc ">http://
  13. gr8dngr

    Best lighting kit

    On my stock headlamp head lamp Connector Blue = high beam Green = low beam White = small bulb power Brown = ground for both bulbs IN your case it sounds like green is ground that is split between the two bulbs, can you visually verify that? If that's the case then I would guess White = low beam Blue= high beam Brown = small bulb power
  14. gr8dngr

    Best lighting kit

    Wow looks great! What color wires do have? let's see if it's the same colors as mine.
  15. gr8dngr

    Best lighting kit

    sure do, giving it a brake and messing around with the 450 over the summer.