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  1. +1 nothing beats a ktm
  2. damn wish i could go
  3. FMF 4.1 Ti
  4. I had a 150 on my WR. I lowsided a lot. Now I run a 160, not a low side yet. If you are not going to be dragging peg/knee, stay with a 150. Not really a difference in steering. But I countersteer hard when i turn.
  5. In Cali, a WR is out of the question. A KTM EXC would be your best bet
  6. Here is how I did it. 1. Buy all the crap that makes it legal, turn signals, speedo, horn and rear view. 2. Put the crap on. 3. Went to State Police, got it inspected, then DMV, then to brake tag place, then back to DMV. Got insurace, back to DMV, got plate. Pic above^^
  7. yes it will
  8. That tire will be too wide, go to a 160
  9. Or use a piece of all thread and some skate board wheels.
  10. www.extremesmx.com
  11. 2007 Yamaha WR450F Street legal frame Ohlins TTX Rear Shock Ohilns TTX Fork Internals - Going to RXF next week. Magura Clutch Full FMF Ti Exhaust KTM SMR Brakes - with Beringer Cast Iron Rotor Mark Burkhart 13mm Offset triple clamps GYTR Engine plugs Steel Oil filter SME catch can Bi color Excel wheels and some other shit I cant think of Cycra billet hand guards R6 Throttle tube
  12. That's a bad ass idea!
  13. If you can convert a Yamaha WR450 into a supermoto for street use, that will be your best bet. Or a KTM EXC too. Here is my WR450 Supermoto: