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  1. jonwalden68

    2009 RMZ 450 Need HELP Please

    nope it said suzuki rrmz 450
  2. I have a 2009 RMZ 450. Took it in for service came back and it has a tiny leak after riding around were the oil filter goes in at?? I checked it twice and it has been sealed good and also tighten good any ideas?
  3. jonwalden68

    2009 RMZ 450 Need HELP Please

    I ended up just buying the computer commander thing for it seemed like a good idea, but still cant figure out oil leak any ideas???
  4. I live in Dahlonega, GA near gainesiville and rock crusher. Trying to fins some people to ride with so i can get back into the racing mode. If we want to stay over night also have a rig so we can stay at the track
  5. jonwalden68

    2009 RMZ 450 Need HELP Please

    New to the website and i love this so much info! I have a 2009 rmz 450 that is basically stock just ordered a full yoshimura exhaust system and wasw wondering what is the thing i need to remap it for exhaust and whats the cheapest one that works good??? Also i rode the other day pretty hard in some pretty hot heat and had a little oil come out of the black over flow tube towards the back is that normal just had a service also and there is a little oil seaping from bottom were you take the oil filter cover off at?? I took off and try to reseal and still leaking nothing major and doesnt leak when sitting just a little residue after riding and i check everything is tight?? Any help would be much appreciated