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  1. Does anyone know if Rotella is good oil?
  2. As others have said, it needs to be extremely clean. Wire brush the threads on the bolt until they are clean, you may need to run a tap into the shaft to clean out the the threads after that blast it with some brake clean. Then use red Loctite. While I’m typing same goes for the bolt that holds your shifter on, check it ...
  3. First of all that wire is extremely important if you want the motorcycle to run, I would use a razor blade and carefully cut the sheeting back for a better inspection. If the wires are burnt you may need to put some heat shrink on them, also when you’re done zip tie the wire to the backside of the frame so this cannot happen again ... As for oil it will probably get interesting any oil question always does, I’m pretty sure your manual will tell you 1040 motor oil. Others are going to tell you to use Rotella 1540 diesel engine oil, and others will say use automatic transmission fluid .
  4. I feel quite confident in the fact that he does not understand his question either 😂
  5. Lol you only use half throttle yes you burn through tires faster than your WR 450 😂
  6. Take the bolt with you where you’re buying the Healy coil kit ... Those little bolts don’t take much torque, just barely snugg it up.
  7. Yea my 12 has 370 on it ....runs beautiful....
  8. Good grief, why would you have the impression of 60 hours was too many hours. My 12 model has 370 on it ... still runs perfect!!
  9. Yes the proper torque on these bearings is something that’s very hard to explain by typing, please do yourself a favor and remove the wheel and forks. ..... After that you can align the stem through the Frame good and straight and then see that the top bearing seats down with your fingers, then like I said over torque it slightly until the Clamps are slightly firm when you swing them left to right, after that back it off until they move freely just don’t back it off too far. Hope this helps 👌
  10. Yes the bike will roll in the two pieces and fall in the floor I’ve had it happen, with that being said remove front wheel and forks.. Getting correct torque on the bearings is critical, I always greese them up good and over torque them slightly and pivot the clamps left right a few times then loosen the torque some what until I get it right . I had a thought if you have the forks in the clamps, you did have the upper pinch bolts loose correct ?
  11. Yeah nothing worse then leaving your riding area to go to destroy someone else’s, like I said I missed the link it first excuse my ignorance✌️
  12. Well if you’re willing to get a muffler also you should know that in 11 they change the pipe and muffler both, the muffler has a larger stinger. The 11 a newer perform much better than the 04 through 10 . With that being said I would get a pro circuit platinum 2. Yes the 11 and newer will bolt right on all the way back to 2004 provided you have the 11 and newer muffler to go with it.
  13. Is your bike Jetted to Lean?
  14. 😂 I could not get the link to open at first, but now I read it ...
  15. Well excuse my ignorance, but does this make any sense to anyone else on planet earth ???