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  1. E-TECH

    2014 KTM Valve Clearance Adjustment

    I got $100 says it doesn’t need anything, that is unless you’ve allowed dirt to go around the filter. For what it’s worth KTM talk has a segment just for valve adjustment, plenty of info there.
  2. E-TECH

    Bottom end squeal after swamped motor

    Well I have an opinion, and I hope it’s wrong. If you’re hearing a squeal or ringing sound from the motor after ingesting dirty water you may very well be looking at new crank bearings😩
  3. E-TECH

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    If you don’t mind, tell us what oil you used.
  4. Well if you see KTM talk there is a large thread over there about different maps on the new 300. I have only ridden the 250, I found it quite soft in power delivery especially down low. A good friend of mine owns a husky shop he tells me the 300 Husky is very aggressive so who knows. But as far as the sound of your bike I personally don’t hear anything wrong.
  5. THIS!!!^^^^^ It sounds exactly like all two strokes at the crack of the throttle, like he said open it up and get another gear your bike is perfect...
  6. E-TECH

    Blown motor seal

    Sorry to hear all this tater, you need good tools to get the head bolts loose they can be quite stubborn ... Good luck, and keep us updated....
  7. E-TECH

    2 Stroke oil???

    Oh no not again😂 I use Crisco✌️
  8. E-TECH

    What OIL are you running in your KTM

    I drain my bacon fat for this.
  9. Man,you got it going on.
  10. How many 250s and 300s have you owned, how many 250s and 300s have you raced?
  11. What we feel and what the dyno shows will be different. Most will let off before the 300 signs off. 300 makes more allways.
  12. OK, I think I’m starting to get this stuff now.
  13. Yes you’re entirely correct the 250 has less torque.