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  1. Twist it open and pour 80 / 90 differential lube in it .
  2. It would be especially helpful if you would tell us what bike and what year .
  3. I use skin so soft from Avon with a cotton ball on my pipe...
  4. It’s clearly time to stop Riding....
  5. I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’ve been playing this game for 28 years. Anyhow I had a 17 husky TX 300 with a JD kit and it ran pretty darn well, with that being said the Mikuni carburetor is generally thought of as a piece of garbage. Many are replacing with The Keahon carburetor or Lectron carburetor and or smartcarb. With that being said I will always except a rich condition over a lean condition.
  6. This is a sound that happens when you ride along at very very low throttle, if you are fast and hold the throttle open you don’t notice it .... Seriously guys the carburetor is Rich at low throttle settings because the engineers do not want the bike to overheat in extreme situations ..
  7. Who’s on 1st base?
  8. I don’t think so sir, the bike is Jetted rich at a quarter throttle for extreme off-road Enduro ... this will keep the bike from overheating in in slow to nonmoving situations ... The pike bang you are hearing is not causing any problems just ride it... No need to be so anal retentive 🤣
  9. So tell everyone why are you riding the bike at 1/4 throttle, open it wide open and go ....
  10. You guys are running the bikes Way to hard... they are not ment to be opened up so much.
  11. You need to use a dial caliper and measure the thickness of the plates . Don’t kill me if I’m wrong here but I think the thickness is stated in the microfiche, if not your dealer can tell you ..
  12. No it will not hurt the slide..
  13. Well yes... why not pump it up to 150 ish?..