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  1. E-TECH

    KTM SXF 250 2019

    Well new oil, check and clean air filter if necessary, pull swing arm and linkage and grease all bearings, like wise on the steering stem bearings. go ride...
  2. There is absolutely not a thing wrong with either bike in either video, it’s the High rpm and the extremely light crack of the throttle that’s causing the bike to sound like this. Shift up and give at the gas.
  3. E-TECH

    Fluid Displacement

  4. E-TECH


    Just call Cory at Pro tune suspension... yes he’s on Facebook .
  5. E-TECH

    500 EXC - jumps test

    Do you have trails and Saudi Arabia ?
  6. It’s a direct swap, but I’ll tell you it won’t feel the same. The suspension will feel more rigid and Stiff on the two-stroke.
  7. E-TECH

    500 EXC - jumps test

    The EXC is not designed to be jumped on a track, you might wanna sell it and buy the SX model.
  8. I don’t see any reason to worry about it it’s a dirtbike, that being said the main thing to worry about is doing a proper cleaning and re-lubing of the filter.
  9. E-TECH

    2011 300 exc jetting question

  10. E-TECH

    2011 300 exc jetting question

    You ever tried the NEDH ?
  11. E-TECH

    2011 300 exc jetting question

  12. E-TECH

    2011 300 exc jetting question

    Necj is to lean with #7 slide go nedh 40/42 and 168 main
  13. E-TECH

    2018 500 EXC-F Euro Map

    My riding buddy is a dealer, he told me they can flash it but the info is linked back to KTM headquarters and they will instantly know what was done ... He explained to me that the EPA is watching them carefully and if they see a bike is flashed it’s kind of like diesel gate for Volkswagen. So with that being said it can be done but KTM dealer will not do it..
  14. E-TECH

    Shock swap question

    Wont work... sorry