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  1. XR650L_Dave

    XR650L - XR's Only Smog Delete - Parts left over

    Given the various restrictions involved, I've always wondered at say 3000 rpm how much air actually makes it in and out on a stroke.
  2. Wait... delicate? I missed that on my 1st read-thru! I use mine to slam rocks and make gravel, what the heck is delicate on the L?
  3. XR650L_Dave

    XR650L Difficult Shifting When Hot

    Mine is sensitive to the oil. I think it was some mobil delvac that it was noticeably harder to shift when warm, and a lot of difficulty with the 1-2 shift when really hot.
  4. XR650L_Dave

    650L oil pressure gauge?

    I want to make sure it can make it uphill all the way to the head!
  5. XR650L_Dave

    650L oil pressure gauge?

    I think the only time you need to check is if the oil pump has had any reason to lose prime, after a rebuild or maybe sitting for days with the sump and drain plugs out, or you drained everything then didn't put oil in it for days. If you need to check, you just loosen the upper banjo bolt.
  6. XR650L_Dave

    650L oil pressure gauge?

    The pressure on the XRL is actually quite low, and the pressure in the line to the head is pretty much zero. Someone managed to put together a flow meter (or flow switch) that they installed at the head banjo bolt, I don't recall specifics.
  7. XR650L_Dave

    650L no compression

    Try de-adjusting the heck out of the right hand exhaust valve, could be the decomp has hung up. Another sudden compression loss cause can be dropping a valve seat. Of course if you get enough gas in the cylinder that'll do it too!
  8. XR650L_Dave

    XR650L Fuel/Air Mixture Adjustment Screw

    Necro-pedantry, I like it! (responding to a very old post is often called necro-posting) Is this unalloyed pedantry? (please accept this wise ass reply from a fellow pedant with the same humor in which it was typed)
  9. XR650L_Dave

    Please help I’m new to bikes

    You could secure the bike with the rear wheel in the air, take out the spark plug, and rotate the rear wheel in 3rd gear or so.
  10. XR650L_Dave

    Is this the airbox snorkel?

    If you've never had your pig that deep in the water, shame on you!
  11. XR650L_Dave

    Pirelli XCMH in the snow

    I actually have a heated tire groover, I used to put fresh edges on my terrorflex.
  12. XR650L_Dave

    I'm an XRL noob

    It flows more than stock, less than an aftermarket pipe, preserves some stealth capabilities and has a nice XR-ish sound. What's not to love? Mine using just the end cap has about the same free area I think, no question it flows more.
  13. XR650L_Dave

    Gary's Exhaust Mod

    Looks to be about the same opening as if you pull the restrictor pipe from the end cap and put on the end cap, with a bunch less labor. Sounds nicely XR-ish, doesn't it?
  14. XR650L_Dave

    Pirelli XCMH in the snow

    Overall, I have to say pretty good! Made some loops in the yard and fields around the house. The small drift was deeper than the skid plate, chugged through slow just fine. of course cleanup takes awhile I would have been able to go pretty fast, but did not like the thought of hitting a big hidden rock. The front XCMH is pretty old, still worked quite well.