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  1. XR650L_Dave

    No spark

    Could be the kill (run/stop) switch. Try switching it several times. (I *think* it can have a bad contact and still allow engine to crank, not sure) Could be one of the safeties. Ground both wires that go to the clutch lever switch on the bars. Could be the CDI. Pull it a bit out of the battery box and whack it with the handle of a screwdriver.
  2. XR650L_Dave

    Stock carb mixture screw question

    If you leave the tab on the screw and file the tab from the bowl, you get both a handy pointer and a handy way to turn the screw.
  3. XR650L_Dave

    Sold CRF450X and got XR650L- need advice

    If you were used to a manual slide carb, I would say you should probably go straight to the same type on the L. Personally I hate pumpers, I'd rather give up some peak horsepower and put on a smaller manual slide carb like a stock XR600 if I were going to make the switch.
  4. The wings seem to help the most at medium speeds, 30 or 35 to 40-45 or so. I like the thermometer dipstick for comparison tests like what you describe, can be used as a jetting aid too.
  5. XR650L_Dave

    Intermittent electrical problem '06 XR650L

    That's how all intermittent broken wires get found- accidental poking around!
  6. XR650L_Dave

    new guy with xr 650l

    And if you do get a sprocket get the wider one from fritzcoinc.
  7. XR650L_Dave

    XR650L hard start

    Pull the plug and try to roll it in gear If the starter test didn't involve actually driving a load I don't consider it definitive, under load it might bind, and it might pull enough current thru the brushesd withoput load to seem fine. Re-try feeding the starter from a completely separate power (and ground) feed- it's easy to get a bad connection Re-check the starter drive assembly
  8. Also, with or without snorkel?
  9. XR650L_Dave

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    That bending was from whatever impact led to the demise of the stock holder, and since then I have simply placed 2 strips of metal under the plate tying each top hole to it's corresponding bottom hole because it did indeed start to crack. I remember when NYS plates were thick and strong! No longer.
  10. XR650L_Dave

    Tail light license plate holder replacement

    I did a homemade one from 16ga steel and the stock taillight. I hate to give up any visibility.
  11. XR650L_Dave

    Carb Sticky

    I'm not sure my L has ever started warm without a little throttle.
  12. XR650L_Dave

    A Rip Up "Hell Mountain"

    Naw, you just would have had to ride one handed with your right hand manually actuating the throttle on the carb!
  13. I picked up a spare just in case, statistically it's the most likely thing to strand you, I think.
  14. XR650L_Dave

    A Rip Up "Hell Mountain"

    Looks like a decent climb! Oh man, I love that kind of stuff, I had a ton of it on tap when I lived in CT. I'm not sure which is harder, squared-off rocks that may or may not move, or round ones that are guaranteed to.
  15. XR650L_Dave

    XR650L hard start

    Could be the starter is old / binding / worn brushes, could be the washers in the starter drive inside the left cover were installed wrong.