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  1. I switched from an rmz 450 to a ktm 450 specifically because of the frame. Huge difference in supermoto with slicks. I never could get the front end feel with the rmz. It chattered, pushed and was just not compliant. The ktm on the other hand handles like a dream. I likely wouldn't notice off road as I sold the rmz but I rode them back to back on sm tracks. For the OP looking to build a big bore 2t bike. How about getting a maico intimidator
  2. shift1313

    Opinion on YZ250F

    I got an 03 in a trade for next to nothing. It grenaded and sent a rod through the case. With it came with about $2000 worth of parts including cases. New crank. Top end. New cyl etc. Carb was in bad shape and got replaced. Forks(03 was the last year for the 46mm ones) has a stripped damper rod. There were lots of little things. Out of pocket cost with carb and other parts like a valve job, ended up being a few hundred bucks. Sold it for $1300.....after I rebuilt the motor. They are or can be good bikes but 2k is a lot. Id go 2 stroke. Of you can get that yz under $1500 maybe. But its a gamble without the history.
  3. shift1313

    Better built-in hip pads?

    I wear a star padded shorts and pull ouy hip pads on my TLD pants. I started doimg this originally with my 1 piece leathers for supermoto before I switched to tld speed gear suit amd still do it. I feel better about pad placement and tailbone padding too. The astar shorts are mesh and notice no heat issues. I do the same up top with my mx and leather gear. I wear a leatt 3df compression top. Pads stay in the right areas. I have had too many pads shift or move over the years and I like the wearable stuff. The leatt 3df is a zip up compression top and does great wicking sweat. Juat fyi. I know you said you dont want shorts but they are more than just hip pads too.
  4. shift1313

    Why only 3x3

    When i did this to my bike back in 2004 i cut the entire top of the airbox out. I did a few things in order. 1. remove snorkle and jet the carb after the 500mile break in and rode for awhile(another 500miles) 2. Cut entire top of airbox, jet carb again, use an E gasket to raise compression and remove the muffler end cap restriction 3. Install Cams, FCR, Better exhaust etc I never had mud, water, crud issues with the open top airbox. The CDI box ends up covering most of the extra cut away after it was back on. And the space under the seat can only suck in so much air. MX bikes have open airboxes and openings that are more exposed to dirt/elements etc so i think the "ahhh you are going to get dirt on your filter" excuse is a bit much. Its a dirt bike, change your filter out. The stock Snorkle thing is more for emissions than a water crossing thing. If you get water up to the seat its already getting in through the airbox door. That lip ain't going to keep water out. These bikes are super lean from Suzuki and its intentional. What i noticed was that the airbox was louder/intake noises. It tended to be a little slower to respond off the bottom end(makes sense) until i raised the CR to 12.2:1. At the higher compression i didn't notice that same "lag" if you can even call it that. I don't have any pics of my airbox on this computer but it was all the way up to the edge on all sides back to the fender. I did try and tune it with the airbox door off and it was way too much. Basically the airbox is a certain volume of air for the motor to pull from. When you run at higher rpms with high flow exhaust, cams, compression mods and/or big bore its possible that the airbox/airflow could start to restrict stuff. I would guess, as people have said, that until you are up around the 60hp number its not needed. That said a 3x3 hole bothered me even though you never see the top of the airbox I have carb tuned many bikes including some 4cyl bikes i've pulled the airboxes off and used pods. I know the struggle of swapping out springs, drilling bleed holes, messing with everything to try and run right on pods. its great if you are running WOT all the time but really sucks when you want low rpm response. The air flow just needs a longer track of the airbox boots and the "restriction" On a drz i say the 3x3, vs 4x4, vs open top is moot. go 3x3 and use the jetting forum if you don't want to spend the time to get your carb right. Open it up if you want to play around and plan on modding your motor. My 2c.
  5. shift1313

    Dirt bike photo to line art?

    Now adays the companies render line drawings right from cad. I have a buddy that does it manually but its not quick. Shoot me a PM if you want me to reach out to him.
  6. shift1313

    Alta test mxr

    To your point, how do you know it doesn't touch your soul til you ride it. eh I know you specifically said it would be hard to embrace. What i didn't get is the guys who say never, nope, not going to. I was like that in 98 when the yz400 came out Trust me i get it, agree and will likely always have one or more ICE powered bikes. I love the smell of two strokes, like revving a 450 out. Every bike pulls on a different string. I am not a cruiser guy, or touring bike guy or really a street bike guy. i've ridden every manner of bike pretty much so i know what i like. Sure it would be weird to not have the same sounds, but if i could rail a berm in my back yard without someone calling the cops it's thumbs up in my book!
  7. shift1313

    Alta test mxr

    I don't understand why so many people get butt hurt about this, or any eBikes. I would love to ride and own one of these updated bikes for a few reasons. 1. Maintenance. I can let it sit(just like my eLawnmower) and just keep the battery on a charger and be ready to rip.(yes i know there is a cooling system and trans/gear oil) 2. Noise. I would love to have a few acres of land "in town" and still be able to shed my yard up without upsetting everyone or getting fined. It is too hard to ride on the east coast, even if you have your own land, without someone complaining about noise! We don't have BLM land here that we can just rip up. We need a track or private trail system and even then you have to be careful and jump through lots of hoops depending on where you are. If you don't believe Pings review on it how do you believe any review on any bike? Sure magazines seem to favor certain bikes, shootouts etc but we have seen the last version of this bike compete in straight rhythm, flat track, enduro X etc. If it was legal to compete in SX or MX i am sure we would see it there as well. Alta is putting some serious time and effort into making this a legit Ebike and not a MTB with a motor. We should applaud them for that. If you don't want one, cool, don't buy one! It solves a lot of problems for a lot of people and could revitalize certain areas of the country where you have to drive 2-4hrs just to ride. On the weight thing. New bikes are heavy! Even the new 2t enduro bikes are tipping the scales over 250lbs. If this thing is 260lbs and 50hp id say its right on the money. Sure KTMs are super light and leading the class for weight, but production bikes, especially for where these are used, it really isn't far off. And pperceived weight is much more important than actual weight. Most of us are lazy and have lift stands anyways Right now the battery is 70lbs i think. As technology changes you will either see longer range, more power, less weight or all 3. Getting it to 50hp now and not having the power drop off when the battery gets low is a huge step forward. For someone on a lazy map doing trail riding not WOT i don't doubt the 2-4hrs of riding time. I haven't ridden one yet so i can't comment the actual bike. Haven't seen any opportunities in my area.
  8. shift1313

    Wife/mother getting mad about dirtbikes.

    I have a point of view, like everyone else. It sounds like you and your dad need to walk in your moms shoes honestly. I don't know your situation and i never like to judge people, but you put this out here so i wanted to chime in. I have worked up to 4 jobs at once, i am currently self employed and the sole income in a family of 4, i was a stay at home dad for 4 years while working nights, i have 2 kids, house, car payment etc. Being a stay at home dad was the hardest job i have ever done! My wife does it now out of choice, she has a masters degree but decided to spend time with our son while he is young because she missed out on what i got with my daughter being a stay at home parent. I know how hard what she does is first hand so i work my butt off to make sure she has the option to stay home. In addition I do a lot around my house including make dinner most nights, clean, yard work etc and spend as much time with my kids as possible since i work from the home. The fact that i make all the income in the family has nothing to do with responsibility. It's not "my" money, its a family and we do what's best for the long term which means invest, retirement and make sure that my kids have money for college. Do i have a new bike? No. Can i afford to buy a new bike? Yes. You have how many new bikes? because you want them. I don't know anything about you or your situation but from where i am sitting spending $15k on new bikes unless you are a top level racer going for contingency money is just selfish if there are other things that need attention. My wife rides bikes, she understands my passion for them, and i know that my 2011 450 isn't as good as a 2018 450, but it won't make any difference to how much fun i have on the track when i am just out for a good time. I've worked in many shops over the years and go out in the garage and wrench on my bikes as often as possible. I don't get to ride as much as i would like because i am taking care of life, like a lot of us. I would never put my family in a position where i put my needs or wants ahead of my wife and kids. That's just how it is. Back in 2011 i had a full time job and was consulting. All my consulting money was disposable income and i bought several used bikes. 7 years later i am still working off that money and haven't spent $1 of family income towards bikes. I sell off bikes and put money into the ones i keep to make them better. So about $10k 8 years ago has let me go through about 10 different bikes ending on my 2011 450 and 2012 250 with about $1000 left after my last sale for parts for the 250. When you decide to get married, have a family etc you make the choice to put those who depend on you ahead of yourself. Again i don't know your situation, we only get your point of view. The way you talk about your mom getting a "free ride" makes it sounds like she just sits at home eating bon bons and sounds really petty and disrespectful on your part. If you are the kid in this situation and you work then by all means spend your money on whatever you want. When i was 16 and worked i gave part of my money to my parents to help out with bills each month. that was my situation. Back then i worked hard and had an old truck and two bikes to go ride on the weekends. I appreciate what i have and what it takes to work for it. My suggestion to you is to take a real hard look at your situation and think about it from a perspective other than your own.
  9. shift1313

    2001 DRZ400S should I buy it? info in comments

    Hahh. Click on the wrong quote button. Thats what I get for posting on a mobile browser. Whoever said they blow at 20k see my post
  10. shift1313

    2001 DRZ400S should I buy it? info in comments

    My 02 went 30k on a single spark plug. Dont believe that you can say a motor must be built at 25k. I ran mine hard too. Clutch dump wheelies, off road. Sm track. Only thing that went wrong was the stator fried at 15k. Having said that I wouldn't buy it at 2k. Thats an ask for sure. Especially a 17 year old bike by the ocean. Id keep looking. I wouldn't worry as much about mileage as general condition of the bike and how it runs and starts cold and hot..
  11. shift1313

    I have no power coming from wires that go to the headlight

    I haven't owned a KTM older than 07 but i remember seeing how older ones run AC headlights. Is this the case with an 01? Do they actually rectify the voltage from the stator down to 12v DC or are they running AC? Sorry that all i have to offer.
  12. shift1313

    Ready to Race?

    I bought my ktm that was raced in a few pro rounds and the mods were really minimal. It has a flex jet, air filter cage without the fire screen, an exhaust with more mid range(but ive had the stock which was great and lighter), rims cause the 2011 ones were prone to failure and a 13.5:1 piston. The newer bikes see little to no internal mods now. Ive rebuilt the 11. So I know internally was stock. Comparing my '11 and the '12 I got rid of I can mainly tell the difference in the suspension. My 12 was stock. Id say they are aa ready to race as you can expect. If you aren't a pro you can take most bikes to the track but some do require more than others.
  13. shift1313

    Beta 390RRS vs KTM 350EXC

    All my bikes Re carbbed but ive seen and heard from riders the new tpi two strokes are actually really good bone stock. To get linkage you need to go husky as of now but maybe the xc in 19 will be tpi. Just a thought. Beta does intrigue me though. My friends got is xtrainer fully street legal right from the dealer, but the suspension might not be up to the task for you. I have heard the new bikes will be harder to tag new but not from anyone in the know....
  14. shift1313

    Beta 390RRS vs KTM 350EXC

    Obie link guard! Superior in some ways and cheaper. Never get hung up I got an Obie Link for my 2012 with an eLine Cf skid plate and never could get it to fit. Great customer service but just was never able to work it out. I can see where it would work pretty well. I have been looking at Bullet Proof designs link guard. There are others out there that actually bolt onto the links. I will be going AXP Xtreme skid on mine i think. https://www.bulletproofdesigns.com/product-p/ktm-lg-17.htm As far as the original question, i have a few buddies that are very happy with their Betas. I don't have one so take that as anecdotal evidence. I also have several friends with KTMs, Huskies and others. My KTM 450 is tagged. My buddies 350 XC and 250 TE are tagged. I plan on tagging my 250 xc. I don't know what it's like in Canada to tag off road only bikes but it has been my experience that no bike is ready to go without at least a few things. I have found stock skids plates, guards and such are never really up to the task. So just gotta decide where you want to spend the money. Personally if i were you i would just get an older bike unless you are set on getting a new one. If you spend a few grand on a used 2013-2015 you might get a well setup bike with plenty of room for mods.
  15. shift1313

    Show Off Your Custom Graphics

    The advenduro grahpics, my buddy runs a tour biz out in Utah and he had his graphics guy design them and PG make them. The orange set on my SMR was "semi custom" kit PG used to make back in 2012 called Decibel. Basically you can pic some options and add some logos. The RMZ i did back in 2011 or so with DecalMX. it was the T5 "semi custom" set again. Im thinking about a new custom set on the 250 xc i just picked up once i sort out all its mechanical issues. I really like the white/blue/orange on KTMs. RipCo is another company that will do full custom.