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  1. Put the stock needle jt (emulsion tube) in and see what it does. An airleak mosted definitely would have caused your hanging idle.
  2. If someone wants to setup a GoFundMe I'll throw in some scratch to buy the lad a pair of boots.
  3. Fuel tank mounts
  4. Those would have more a knock sound. Put a dial indicator needle down the plug hole and check for slop. How many clicks are left on the cam chain adjuster? I still think it's something loose making that noise.
  5. That's a good price and I've used that seller before.
  6. Vertex is what I used also.
  7. Going from 434 to 462 there was no noticable change in vibration. It actually runs smoother. In all fairness my sprag bearing was pretty chewed up though
  8. Why not just call it a 500? Point was there actually used to be a 470 kit. $1200 isn't really a deal. You can buy the parts yourself cheaper if you look around.
  9. Recordings alter and distort sounds so much it's damn near impossible to diagnose. Investigation on your part is the correct path. Post what you find.
  10. That's shipped as in he sends parts or builds it? 470 or 462 ? Hot Rods discontinued the +5 stroker. The +5 stroker required a spacer plate and special piston. The current +4 kit builds a 462 when used with a +4 bore. When people advertised 470 kits today its false advertising or ignorance on their part.
  11. Delta just washed the plane. They don't want any water spots.
  12. Looks a little rainy in Atlanta... Gonna have to wait it out in Birmingham.
  13. Looks like a mismatch of parts. Unless you want to restore an evolution bike you can find much newer basket cases to rebuild.
  14. In 03 & 04 Kawasaki and Suzuki formed a partnership to catch up in 4 stroke MX development. Besides the co-designed 250F they also shared a few models meaning you could buy yellow Kawasakis (RM65) and green Suzukis (Klx400). The Kawasaki KLX400 is the rebranded DRZ. Often times you can buy the parts from Kawasaki for a cheaper price even though it is the same part with a Kawasaki part sticker literally placed over top of the Suzuki part sticker . As far as aftermarket, DID chains are well regarded and they even offer a beefier upgrade. I just put a Wiseco chain in mine. It's made in Japan, probably from the same factory that produced the stock chain, but for $30 cheaper. Not sure I would trust a $20 eBay unit...
  15. Its just like using a stretched drive chain. It will ride higher and higher above the pitch line causing increase wear on the sprocket teeth. Worse cause scenario is it rides high enough to jump time and destroys the engine when the piston and valves collide. Take a look at your timing marks and see how far off the cams are from the flywheel. That's wasted power and makes the bike harder to start. Replacement isn't hard. Remove the right side cover, clutch, loosen and slide the primary gear forward and you can put it right on.