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  1. One of the truest statements I have ever read on this site. If you can't afford to race a new 250F then you probably can't afford to race a used 250F. You are 1 blown up engine away from bankruptcy.
  2. To clarify, it will only idle with with a 42 pilot when the screw is 3 turns out but a 45 pilot will idle with the screw all the way in?
  3. It's a loud, ticky motor. You are likely just focusing on normal valve train noise. How many miles are on it?
  4. Besides idling away with the screw closed how does it run with thenew valves and cams? I would of thought 45 would have been fine. Do you have the idle turned up high? Did you measure the float height? 100 pilot air jet and EMR needle ?
  5. If it idles with the screw all the way in go to a smaller pilot.
  6. Its a fuel screw, backing it out makes it richer. You want it to not idle with it all the way in.
  7. OIL THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually the oil gets thinner as the molecular chains are broken down by the shearing forces in the gear box. Motorcycles are much harder on oil then automobiles. I'm interested in seeing results from 2500 miles. Others have posted results that show 40 weight losing viscosity around the 1k mark. https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/377246-DRZ400-SM-Oil-Analysis
  8. The 2nd link is for a current style Stage 1, it even gives the part number in the description. The last link (Klx400SR cam) is the same thing as a stock S/SM cam. The previous stage 1 (2047) is the same thing as the current stage 2's minus the adjustable Sprocket. They are not the "OG" cams. They are actually referred to as New School Hot Cams​(NSHC). Pn 2003-1IN (Intake) and 2003-1E (exhaust) are the originals (OSHC).
  9. Yes. The correct way is to have the valves seats recut. Suzuki Central is dead now but if you Google search you'll find tons of old posts about the subject.
  10. Do yourself a favor and don't reuse the circlips. If that piston fails you'll wish like hell you spent $230 on a new unit.
  11. Everything in the head is identical other than the cams. They will drop right in. You probably won't even need to change the shims but it's good to have the kit just in case.
  12. Please message me. Thank you Patrick aka spenddamoney

  13. That piston is junk. It smacked the valves (backwards?). I would be suspicious of the cylinder as well. Cylinder Works cylinders are matched to the appropriate Vertex piston as they are available in 4 sizes,(A thru D) You can use a Vertex piston and run single layer gasket without a problem. Cylinder Works kits are delivered (at least mine was) with Cometic gaskets
  14. You can rotate it but I don't. You will probably fumble around a bit and struggle to find the hole for the main the first time, don't worry, you'll get it. It sure beats pulling the carb to do it. The pilot and needle will probably be ok where they are.
  15. I have 4 years on my Ryobi, still going strong. It's almost perfect for dirt bikes and cars. It will also clean driveways and decks but not as well as a full power gas unit. I also have a Greenworks I bought to keep at my parents house to wash the bikes when I ride there. It does the job too but it doesn't have near the hours of the Ryobi.