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  1. Nah, not yet. I'm just gonna mellow it out a little and enjoy it for what it is and not try to make it something it's not. It's still a fun bike. I have the 250F if I want to ride a little harder and not have a sore spine the next day.
  2. Same applies when you add the K4 kit. It improves the versatility some but it's still not at higher end component comfort levels. Not to say it's unrideable, it just doesn't have the bottoming resistance and plush action in rocks, logs and such that my YZ has for example. I've ridden Weantright's XT. Compared to my bike it feels like it floats on air. The money I spent on the K4 kit would of been better spent on a Fox shock. Or possibly an RR...
  3. dualsport

    I apologise for hijacking your tread Boulet. Thrash talking models belongs in the Pro forum, not in the advice threads. Whenever you do find a bike, especially if you do a resto project, post a thread on it. People like following build threads.
  4. I put a T6 slip on on my 14 250F, no noticable difference. It changed the sound a bit. The tuner on the other hand makes noticable changes to the power and is useful for maintenance purposes. There is really no reason not to have one imo.
  5. Does the updated sprayer prevent this?
  6. Same thing happen to me. I ran it down too far trying to figure out why I lost spark last summer. Battery Tender did issue a return authorization and replaced it free of charge though since it was less than a year old.
  7. Most people by a jet kit. JD Jetting is the most popular as it comes with 2 different needles several main jets, a pilot, some replacement float bowl hex cap screws, detailed instructions and great customer service. The stock needle on the bike is non-adjustable. Some people have figured out how to shim it for good results. If I had to wager a guess I would say the PO likely had another carburetor and sold it separately.
  8. No problem. Enjoy the bike. It was one of the most fun bikes I have ever ridden.
  9. dualsport

    That's a nice not actually a dyno chart. Search the "Tale of the 57 HP DRZ" on here for some actual charts. I already showed you what the little 434 put out a few mods ago. You do know that the Suzuki Ltz400 quad uses the same engine? It and Doug Gust was won 2 pro national quad MX championships( 2003 & 2004 ) not to mention countless local races. What has the XR600R won this century? Don't get butt hurt kid. If you like your old 30 year old bike then that's all that really matters. I know how you feel. Several MX bikes have come and gone since I put a DRZ in the garage in 2006. I'll probably never sell it.
  10. dualsport

    282 no fuel is a bit off 266. Who rides without suspension fluid, motor oil or fuel though? What's fuel capacity? 3.1 gallons? 301.53 lbs wet weight is hardly light weight. Regardless, you repeatedly bash and post false claims of the DRZ's performance and compare it to trumped up numbers for other bikes. Can you show me a dyno chart for a DRZ that only makes 23 ft-lbs and a stock WR250R makes 22? A KTM SXF250 doesn't even produce 22 ft-lbs of torque.
  11. dualsport

    https://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcyclespecshandbook/honda/1996-honda-XR600R http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/wet-weights-xr600-vs-xr650r.284055/ http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_xr600r%2091.htm I can find pretty much whatever weight you want
  12. dualsport

    Kid I was reading the magazine tests of the bike before you were born. You're silly if you think a XR600R only weights 266 lbs. You can run a simple search and read what other Thumper Talk members have measured. I'm not just a DRZ guy. I have YZ250F, Beta Xtainer and CRF140 pit bike in the garage next to my 400SM. Here's an old Dyno charts of my DRZ. Post your XR's and we'll see who's is faster.
  13. dualsport

    I'm aware of the DRZ's weight. Even the dirt only model will be nearly 300 ready to ride. The weight on a few of those bikes would go up with wet weight. I've been riding longer than sunny boy has been alive and owned almost as many bikes as he has years. I love when kids explain the world to me. I wish I was still young and knew everything...
  14. dualsport

    Lol, sure thing kid. Everything you find on the internet that suits your agenda must be the truth.
  15. dualsport

    Fixed it for you. I understand you're only 22 but you need to learn that the advertised number you keep spouting are bullshit.