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  1. Keep the oil clean and full and she'll last a long time. I traded in a SV650S for my SM. Since than a R1 and 6 other dirt bikes have come and gone. They are fun. Wait till you catch the mod bug. They're even more fun after you peal off some high placed weight and add 20 horsepower.
  2. ohiodrz400sm

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    What's wrong with it and how much did you pay? Hows the head and everything else? You already have a crank offered if you need it.
  3. Better than everything. The Keihin FCR shares as much credit as the Yamaha YZ400F for making 4 stroke supercross possible. There is a reason every "high performance" 4 stroke MX bike as used them since 98. If you search harder you will find topics from DR-Z and XR600/650R riders using the TM's. The performance advantage of the FCR is much smoother throttle action due to the roller slide with a vacuum release plate, friendlier jetting and better aftermarket support. The FCR is the pinnacle of 4 stroke motorcycle carburetor engineering. It took EFI to replace it and to some the benefit is debatable.
  4. I've tired stock BSR, jetted BSR, Edelbrock, slant 39, MX 39 and the MX41. All made more low end than the BSR.
  5. You're absolutely correct. You went into much better detail than I did. I don't think another 36mm will make more power down low. A FCR 39 and Edelbrock 40mm quick silver both make more low end than a jetted BSR 36mm. My point about revs is the Z will never run off idle like a square bore thumper. Plus it would probably beat that short piston to death if it tried.
  6. People have already used 37mm FCR's for 250F's and found the 39mm to be superior overall. Unlike the DR the Z is a very over square engine like motocross 4 strokes. It does it's best work with revs, not lugging.
  7. ohiodrz400sm

    Random pics.

    Somethings wrong with your Husky, I think it needs a Snickers.
  8. ohiodrz400sm

    E Model Cams, 2 versions

    Not sayings it's better or worse but you can buy a brand new stage 2 exhaust cam for around $110. A new OEM cam will be around $250+
  9. ohiodrz400sm

    More aggressive tires

    I like Michelin Pilot Power 2 CT in the 150/60 size. Despite the slightly wider size the Michelin 150/60 is shorter and a few pounds lighter than most 140/70 tires.
  10. The DRZ is a over square short stroke 4 stroke which means it likes to rev, not lug. Forget you ever read that and use common sense to shift.
  11. ohiodrz400sm

    Tyler "One Punch" Evans

    I'm sorry to hear about the boy, that is a very scary situation. I hope he makes a speedy and full recovery.
  12. ohiodrz400sm

    What Carb is this ?

    Put fuel in it and see if it squirts. It could be coincidence but the number starts with 29F which is commonly used in Suzuki parts numbers. The only Suzukis to ever use a slant FCR is the DRZ400 and DRZ400E.
  13. ohiodrz400sm

    Split ring retainer? in crankcase

    Yes, that's why they changed it.The water pump was also a trouble spot. While the cover is off put the 15's water pump shaft/impeller in also.
  14. ohiodrz400sm

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    Couldn't hear much from that video. Regardless, Eric will find if there is a problem or not. Any word from the police about Mr Myers?
  15. ohiodrz400sm

    Split ring retainer? in crankcase

    That's my guess too. Order the 2015 replacement part in case they haven't superceded the 2014 part yet.