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  1. ohiodrz400sm

    Why would a DRZ have a salvage title?

    I saw that ad too. Go look at it. $1900 should have sold in a week, there must be something obviously wrong with it. NE Ohio riders are pretty savvy. Hopefully he doesn't start getting desperate and relax his defenses. That's how the Bike Life zombie's get you. Did you see that dude on Fox 8 that had 3 bikes taken last week? It's turned into a sport for those punks to steal bikes. The last 3 bikes I've sold I received 10 calls from those punks for every 1 actual call
  2. ohiodrz400sm

    FCR 39mm carb question

    To add a FCR cleanly you"ll need the E model head to carb boot with clamp for the carb side, the vacuum nipple to screw into the head so the stock petcock will work and aftermarket FCR with removable bell adapter and a Sudco bell adapter p/n 021-216. I believe the TT store lists all the p/ns with their kit except the Sudco bell. Whether or not it's worth it depends on your budget. Also depends on what you want to do in the future and what do you expect. The FCR isn't the final destination, it's only a step towards building a powerful DRZ. The stock carb is limiting your throttle response and horsepower but there are other options besides an FCR. The Cvk40 from a DR650 or KLR650 is very popular as well. It may not have the instant, crisp response of a well tuned FCR but it will make power at WOT. People have also fitted TM-O6 and HSR carburetors.
  3. ohiodrz400sm

    Worth it ??? 08kx100 450$

    Hell yeah, Deathrow vs Bad Boy part 2 y'all
  4. ohiodrz400sm

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    The stock main jet for a USA E is a 145. With the TI Yoshimura and snorkel pulled the recommendation was 165. The bike isn't very particular about main jets though. Rich or lean it runs clean. It's the pilot, needle and ac pump that will cause noticable issues if they are just a little bit off.
  5. ohiodrz400sm

    More on FCR carb idleing issue...

    The JD jets are genuine or genuine equivalent. What is your location?
  6. ohiodrz400sm

    Drz 400 motor questions

    Do you know why the exhaust valves hit the piston? What modifications have been done?
  7. ohiodrz400sm

    Added some Zeta goodies to my SM

    https://soloracer.com/drzoildipstick.html These guys are local and I've bought from them many times.
  8. If you look at the SM's fork guards and all other manufacturers till the mid 2000's you will see they all have the similar style slider guides at the top. The Honda's don't have this. Instead the fork stanchions have a replaceable wear ring. If you use guards without guides on forks without wear rings the plastic will actually wear away the aluminum fork tubes. Long story short, don't use those guards on SM forks, they will eventually damage the upper sliders.
  9. ohiodrz400sm

    DRZ 400 E Gearing For Street

    Sprocket size doesn't change the speedometer on a DRZ. On bikes like my old R1 where the sensor was in the tranny the sprockets would change the readout. Unless you change the front wheel size on the DRZ you can't throw it out of calibration any further than it already is from the factory.
  10. ohiodrz400sm

    What do I order.. bbkit/cams/valves

    Valve seat cutting should be handled by motocross specific shops that specialize in rebuilding heads. Seats need to be done when replacing valves. Unless the engine is brand new it would be a good idea to do valves also
  11. ohiodrz400sm

    New 150RB owner. FAQ?

    2012 and newer have the redesigned accelerator pump arm. Prior to 2012 require the O-ring mod.
  12. ohiodrz400sm

    What do I order.. bbkit/cams/valves

    I'm not talking valve lash I'm talking piston to valve clearance, completely different. This needs to be measured at assembly to ensure that the piston won't hit the valves during operation. I believe Web recommends .060" (1.52mm) intake and .080" (2.03mm) exhaust MINIMUM clearance. Web isn't a generic, order it from any parts distributor like Hotcam. You call them to order and say what intake and exhaust cams you would like to purchase.
  13. ohiodrz400sm

    Worth it ??? 08kx100 450$

    That picture is worth a thousand words.Riding dirt bikes on the streets of city's is illegal and lowers the public's perception of dirt bike riders in general. This site is for the real riders that ride legally (most of the time) off-road. If you really love bikes you'll stop perpetuating the trashy side that sticks in the public's mind every time a group of bikes go blasting down the street or they see another new story on TV.
  14. ohiodrz400sm

    Worth it ??? 08kx100 450$

    How about you get a job and start saving for a truck? Instead of being a criminal start thinking like an adult?
  15. ohiodrz400sm

    Worth it ??? 08kx100 450$

    You better buy pistons by the case. Small bore 2 strokes don't live long on the street. That's a kid's dirt bike, not a street bike. Those hood rat gangs that ride wheelies through downtown are not something to aspire to be like.