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  1. There most certainly are clips on your needle. You're confused. The needle moves up and down inside the emulsion tube(needle jet). As it wears over time, eventually it is going to reach a point when the engine sputters. It wasn't sudden, it just finally reached that tipping point.
  2. You can either completely remove the air box cover or cut the snorkel out. Since the top has little hooks that hold the oil feed I chose to cut out the snorkel and open the hole up a little bit.
  3. Well then, you should kick that &%$#@! cat for bull dogging the DRZ.
  4. You should pet your cat more. The contempt in its eyes is obvious.
  5. I may have an OSHC available to negotiate with...
  6. I fell off a cliff at Hillsville in front of all my buddies after I rode to the edge of a hill and the bike went right when my foot went left. The bike ended up on top of me bending my leg 180° the wrong way in a submission hold. I had to wait for my buddies to stop laughing to get the god damn thing off of me
  7. That's more then a little. New cylinder and piston?
  8. Friends can be funny. Are you losing oil? How did you break it in? What did the rebuild consist of?
  9. Are you sure it's blue smoke? My YZ and DRZ both make whitish smoke on a cool day. It's condensation forming and vaporizing in the exhaust.
  10. Which stage 2? If you have an automatic de-compression it will be low.
  11. Stock or aftermarket exhaust cam? For reference I have 215 without decompression on a 434. The manual states 130 with stock bore, compression, and cam.
  12. Ride it around a few days with the power valve adjustment flush. When you turn it back to 3.5 turns in it will feel plenty smooth then.
  13. I had no problem pulling and frankly out riding a 200 recently at the local spot. The XT stock runs like a strong 125 on top with more power than the average 250 off the bottom. With a Gnarly pipe, open air box and re jet it gets even stronger off the bottom but pulls from mid to top like a 250 MX bike . It loses a bit of its tractable nature but still finds traction very well. It's still very 4 stroke like.
  14. Runs great when the engine is cold or the weather is cold? Either way, that says it's too rich. The needle jet come in 1 size. You can't screw it up.
  15. Sorry to hijack but if you replace the stock unit or add a Trail Tech, can you program the mileage?