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  1. Ronin

    Well, I am back

    had the wr for sale for the last 10 months, no bites. Screw it I am gonna keep on riding in the dirt. You guys couldnt shake me even if you wanted
  2. This is a stupid question but I cannot figure out the best way to tighten my chain. so here it goes, how tight do you guys run your chains and how/where do the check the free play. I have heard the 3 finger rule at the back of the chain slider, but is that with the rear wheel off the ground, on its side stand, or with rider on it??? your help is appreciated. Later, Ronin
  3. Ronin

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I sell wholesale groceries till friday....then I become the finance and insurance specialist at the local H-D shop that I used to only work at on saturdays. Ronin
  4. read closely, there is a differnce between motorcycle saftey and motorcycle safely....this a good april fools joke. check the date on the pages. just up on april 1st. Ronin
  5. Ronin

    Key ignition ?

    if it makes you guys feel any better, all bikes are very simple to hot wire. on my buells all you have to do is disconnect the ignition and jump the two outside leads (there are only 3 to begin with). Harleys are the same way, one screw and you can disconnect the same ignition switch that my buells have. I am going to install the H-D style ignition switch on my WR so that I can have the ignition on or off and not have to have the key in the lock. The H-D style allows you to remove the key after you turn the switch on or off. Also the idea of putting a keyed ignition on a bike is simply to keep the honest people honest and keep any yahoo who gets a bad drunken idea from taking off on my bike. I dont know about you guys but where I am at when the professional theives around here want a bike they just pull their truck beside it and hook the box mounted hoist up to it and lift it into the truck box. They are good, and they are fast. just my .02 cents worth, Roninb
  6. Ronin

    Swingarm Bearing Cleaning

    brake cleaner, dosent hurt the aluminum, dosent destroy plastic and rubber (carb cleaner does)evaporates quickly and without residue, and is cheap. At the H-D shop that I work at whenever we do anything dealing with gasket replacement and the incidental oil getting all over the engine in the process we pour brake cleaner all over the engine to remove all the oil film and see if the job was done corectly. just my .02 cents later, Ronin
  7. Ronin

    Radiator Gaurds

    What about Devol??? that is what I have been using and they seem to really do the deed. Later, Ronin
  8. Ronin

    the super-duper-trap

    damnit, I hate it when people are that much smarter than I am..... Later, Ronin
  9. Bigfoot, glad you like the idea of the goggles. This is what makes this forum so great to use, everyone can help everyone else out on a regular basis. Later, Ronin
  10. holy crap, I got my two new lenses straight from Italy today!!!! Also, a catalog of all the stuff they carry and an explanation of their company. In it there is a picture of a 70 something guy who started Pro-Grip and how his company is a huge success and stuff. His name is Luigi Franchi, the same person who sent me the emails. Amazing to get real customer service and really talk to someone who cares. Cool company, I am gonna buy as much Pro-Grip stuff as I can, when I need jerseys and pants and stuff. Ronin
  11. Jim, they dont have any goggles made especially for glasses, however, the 3400 goggles that I have are the quite large. They completly fill in the face cavity of my Thor helmet, maybe only 1/4" space on the top and sides. If I wore glasses I would try em for you, but my Oakley straight jackets will fit underneath the goggles. I hope this helps, Ronin
  12. Ronin

    Knee braces, anyone use em??

    thanks for the input guys. Bez, I am not looking for something that is gonna stop my elbow from braking, just something to take the pressure off of the joint. Appreciate the help, Ronin
  13. curious if anyone has used braces by a company called DonJoy?? I need a brace similar to a knee brace for my elbow (long story) and no one makes a rigid brace except for them. I guess the U.S. ski team uses them as well as grant langston. So anyway, do they work, are they as good as they say they are? they gotta be cool if there made of carbon fiber, right? Later, and thanks in advance, Ronin
  14. Ronin

    white YZF tank for sale in the uk

    what year?? I would buy the head pipe from you. let me know, Ronin
  15. the AMA sucks!!!! screw em, and the horse they rode in on. I hope clear channel buries them in SX this year. Ronin