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  1. boricua1

    new to the cal city region

    Hahahah what about camping at randsburg and cal city? Are there any campsites?
  2. boricua1

    new to the cal city region

    Ok so I have both re and green sticker now were would i get those ransburg permits
  3. Ok so I wanted to know if I were to ride in cal city do I need a permit of some sort cus some people have told me u can just go out there and ride. And Wat about jawbone or red rock do we need a permit there too?
  4. boricua1


    so what do you guys say about that wossner piston
  5. boricua1


    Oh ok I'm running a yz 400f and I'm putting a big bore with 13:5:1 compression ratio
  6. boricua1


    What would u guys say about a wossner vs wiseco
  7. boricua1


    If you guy had an option of pistons what would you choose? And what is better Wiseco or JE piston?
  8. Like this other guy said the only thing I see is the pitting. And the other way you can check to see if they are seated correctly is by putting them back into the head and spray some carb cleaner into the intake and exhaust ports of the head and look at the bottom of the valves for any leakage.
  9. boricua1

    99 yz 400f bore

    so i have a quick question. i bored it my 400 to the 420 and im thinking about runing the 13:5:1 piston ration. some people have told me i need to run race fuel or higher octane with this ratio is that true? and would i be able to just buy 91 and add more octane to it? anything helps thanks
  10. wat up guys. So i was wondering on mating the cases is the honda bond 4 bio degradable or wat because i noticed it driped all on the inside of the cases and i dont want it to clog the oil screen? And also on the sprockets if i go up in the front and down in the rear it will give me more torque or top speed?
  11. boricua1

    cam chain

    what cam chain do u guys recomend i dont want to go OEM?
  12. boricua1

    99 yz 400f top end rebuild

    As for timing chains Wat would u say is the best?
  13. boricua1

    99 yz 400f top end rebuild

    What about the head would i have to change anything up there as in valves or cams or anything else? or would i have to buy a 426 head also
  14. I have a 99 yz 400f took the top end off due to a base gasket leak come to find out that wasnt the only thing wrong i a broken piston ring and piston slap and a damaged head from the piston slap and excessive wear were the cams sit. NOW MY QUESTION IS would i be able to stock bore 426 cylinder and piston with stock 400 crank and heads or would i have to chenge all that??? anything helps. Thanks.
  15. boricua1

    Radiator cap

    Do you guys think a 2.0bar cap would crack my stock radiators on my 99 yz 400f? or do u think i should go with a 1.4 or 1.6cap?