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  1. Go to supercross.com they have the list of the 2012 schedule there
  2. So im going to 2012 supercross in seattle and i wanna buy tickets to get in line to meet a rider, ive looked on supercross.com and ticket master and cannot find where to buy the tickets.... can i buy them online or do i have to but them at the stadium?
  3. I honestly think an ama official needs to be the one holding the 30 second board. some of the girls dont know what there doing, and personally it makes our sport look unprofessional... whats your opinion?
  4. Is it going to be on tv? i checked fuel and speed its not on the listings.... so is mdn not on tv?
  5. Theres been a lot of stuff going around about ryan going to ktm.I think that would be a bad decision.... but what do you guys think??
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