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  1. Ruger454

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    Ordered Pirelli MT21 140/80-18 and Michelin heavy duty tube from Bike Bandit. Both on sale - Subtotal = $103.00 USD
  2. Ruger454

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    Thanks very much, Husky, Dunken and Derbo. That's real informative stuff, and I appreciate it!
  3. Ruger454

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    Husky, that's interesting. Why do you say so? What's your experience with those two tire sizes?
  4. Ruger454

    Fe-570 Time for tires

    I have finally settled on Pirelli MT 21 tires, but I've got a tire size question. Husaberg specifies 140/80-18 for the rear on the FE570S, and that's what the bike came with. But if you go to the Pirelli web site and use their "tire finder," they specify 120/80-18. Hard to believe that there is a discrepancy, but there is. What does this mean, and should I believe the motorcycle manufacturer or the tire manufacturer?
  5. Ruger454

    Husabergs in Action Pictures

    Here's a Graham Jarvis video that's as fun to watch as it is amazing: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=169454313173877&utm_source=Consumer+Email&utm_campaign=1498c3023b-Klim_Moto_Newsletter_March_2012_Consumers3_7_2012&utm_medium=email
  6. Ruger454


    As it was explained to me by my (now defunct) Husaberg/KTM dealer, KTM bought Husaberg because they wanted H'Berg's FI technology. If true, then KTM knew H'berg to be a superior machine from the very first. So what's the damn problem now? Ford sells Ford products, but if you want a fancier Ford you buy a Mercury. Likewise Honda/Acura, BMW/Rolls Royce, Fiat/Alpha Romeo, Nissan/Infinity, etc. It's how modern manufacturers organize and do business. So why, in this international business environment, would KTM buck the trend at this point in time?
  7. Ruger454

    Clutch dragging - needs bleeding?

    Michael, the owner's manual of my 570 said to do the first oil change with no more than one hour on the clock. I followed that guidance and got pretty dirty oil out of it. Apparently these engines break in fast.
  8. Ruger454

    FE 570 S Steering Behavior

    Maybe I don't ride agressively enough to warrant one, but I have yet to identify a $300 steering problem on my 570.
  9. Ruger454

    Clutch dragging - needs bleeding?

    Sure thing, Mr. Lubrecht! Since the capacity of the reservoir on the handlebar is so small, it doesn't take much to overflow it. Wrap a rag around it and suction it out as you pressure bleed, and you should have a good result with not much cleanup. Also, mind the o-ring on the slave. Don't pinch it as you remount it.
  10. Ruger454

    Clutch dragging - needs bleeding?

    I experienced much the same on my 2011 FE570S. The first thing you need to understand is that when you pull the clutch lever, the amount of movment that is produced in the slave cylinder is tiny. I think all you're doing is relieving the pressure exerted by the springs in the clutch basket, and not really producing much real space between the layers of the clutch disks. I may not be entirely correct about that, but it's a good way to think about what you are experiencing. Suffice it to say that as delivered, these bikes have a bit of clutch drag. It gets better when the oil is warmed up, and it'll largely go away as the bike breaks in. So because of the very little play in the clutch, just a tiny, tiny air bubble wil render the hydraulic clutch system useless. I bet that's what's going on with your bike. A sure fire way to introduce an air bubble into the hydraulic clutch system is to pull the clutch lever while the bike is on its side. Here's the scenario: You've had a minor get-off and the bike is still running on its side. Rather than hit the kill switch to stand the bike up, you pull the clutch lever. Bingo, now you've got air in the line. There is probably less than an ounce of mineral oil in the clutch master cylinder, and when the bike is on its side it exposes an orifice to air. Pull the clutch lever in that attitude and you have inadvertently pumped air into the system. If so, you need to bleed the system. To bleed the hydraulic clutch, the slave cylinder may have to be dismounted from the engine. It does on my bike. That's not a problem. You may find that a conventional top-down bleed won't work. It didn't on my bike. I had to pump fluid up from the slave cylinder to the master cylinder to drive out the air bubble. If you have a Magura master cylinder, the cap will very likely say to only use mineral oil. You will NOT find mineral oil on the shelf at a regular motorcycle shop or auto parts store. Believe me, I've done the drill. Only at a KTM/Husaberg dealership will you find the right product, and they may have to order it for you. Brake fluid is not compatible, and neither is the special clutch fluid you may find at a few auto parts stores. You may be tempted to just use mineral oil that can be found at a pharmacy, but that's likely to be heavy mineral oil. It'll work in a pinch until you can get your hands on the proper product, but I wouldn't use it as the final solution.
  11. Ruger454

    flame out remedy

    The dealership people you're dealing with have proven themselves unresponsive to customer needs. If I were you I'd talk to another dealership.
  12. Ruger454

    flame out remedy

    No flameouts with 2011 FE570S. I de-smogged it and replaced the restrictive factory can with an FMF 4.1 unit, and that may be why it runs problem free.
  13. Ruger454

    As of Yesterday, I am one of you guys! Talk to me.......

    I got the alloy skid plate when I bought mine. I think of it as cheap insurance. You might consider some of the unique goodies available at System Tech Racing at http://www.systemtechracing.com/. I was real unhappy with the factory steel rear brake pedal and how close it is to the engine, and bought their anodized alloy pedal. Impressive design, and it's a LOT less likely of punching through the engine if the brake lever is smacked by a rock. I also got the Speed Bleed Fork Valves (he invented these and holds the patent - all the rest on the market are knock-offs) and the rear brake caliper radiator. An excellent outfit to do business with.
  14. Ruger454


    If true, this will eventually affect parts availability. Damn it, I hope it isn't true. My Buell is now a "classic" that's unsupported by a parts chain, and I don't want my brand new 570 to be an unsupported "classic" as well.
  15. Ruger454

    Gas Bladder / Bags?

    $450 plus $3.50 for a gallon of gas. Not me.