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  1. So just a brief history, I just picked up my 18 TX300 new with a 38mm HV Lectron from the dealer. I'm currently not thrilled by the performance but according to Slavens getting the mule mod done to it is a dramatic improvement. I just wonder if anyone here has tried this and what their thoughts are, I really don't want to waste my money on it if it's not going to restore my bottom end. I was sold on spending the $50 until I watched this, now I'm a little more gun shy.... Really can't justify spending $600 on a new carb with this new metering block though. Listening to this guys bike run though, oh yea that's what I want!!
  2. Wrfrk

    2018 tx 300 hanging idle

    Sheesh that would be awesome to have that much free time to ride...........
  3. Wrfrk

    NEW TO THE CLUB! 2018 TE300

    Yea that is high on my list as well.........
  4. Wrfrk

    17 + graphics

    Hmmm https://acerbisusa.uberflip.com/i/771162-husky-2018/4?m4= no option for that blue or teal?
  5. Wrfrk

    17 + graphics

    Man that stuff looks dam good!! Where did you find that blue plastic, post pics of bike when you get that mounted up!!
  6. Wrfrk

    TE-300 vs TX-300: Can't decide!

    Yes stock gearing is 13/50 and IMO it's perfect as is.... Yes I have a skid plate but it's nothing special, just the plastic Acerbis one but it came on the bike when I bought it, had it not I would have bought an AXP plate.
  7. Wrfrk

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    Would love to hear what you think of the head change.. Need to send mine off to him for some shaving, probably in Jan
  8. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    Rode yesterday and woke up to this... knew it was coming
  9. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    Hmm,, I will have to check that but I think it's like 1.5 out or close to that.. you could be on to something there, I'll check tomorrow on it. Thanks!
  10. Wrfrk

    What have you done to your Husky today?

    I rode it today!!!! Does it get any better?
  11. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    It's pretty clean off the bottom but there is a very slight bog "maybe" and I suppose it could also be a lean bog in the secondary when the power jet kicks in?
  12. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    Was just reading through some responses I got from Lectron support yesterday and they said as long as there is an air gap then I should be fine. So now I need to figure out what's causing the bog... I am running the red spring as well! Why did you expect me to be less than impressed? I do plan on getting the RkTek head as well so that will give me some more of that bottom end that is lacking compared to my YZ. Honestly I really think once the jetting is squared away and I get the squish on the head fixed this thing will be the s**t!
  13. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    I hope not, I'll be pissed because I can't get another bike for at least 3 yrs now so says the CFO (aka Wife)
  14. Wrfrk

    TE-300 vs TX-300: Can't decide!

    Just completed first ride on my 18 TX 300 and I ride some fairly technical stuff. As for 1st gear not being low enough "pffft" any lower and you're going to be standing still, in fact I only used 1st one time today on a nasty climb and really it was just too low, should have stayed in second and I'm sure I would have been fine. Being this was my first ride I was not sure what to expect but I know better now...... I really can't imagine any reason to buy the TE unless you're getting the TPI model, otherwise the TX is way better!!
  15. Wrfrk

    New TX300 owner here

    So I just got done with my first ride on this bike and I gotta say I'm super impressed. First lets talk about the suspension, having come from a Yamaha running the KYB SSS stuff which is really the standard from which everything seems to be measured, I would argue that this not only matched my KYB but I think it actually bests it. The forks I've set to 136 psi for my 215lbs with the compression out 16 and the rebound out 11, for that felt dang near perfect but I did start the ride at 12 out and that was just to stiff IMO. As for the shock I'm running the 4.8 spring with the comp at 14 out and reb at 10 out and that feels awesome. Getting these settings only took 2 trails side adjustments before I was very pleased which is really amazing as it normally takes me a long time to get my suspension where I like it. Now for the motor, well I will say that while I don't think it matches the power of my YZ450 it's dang close and much much smoother. I'm running a Lectron and I do think there is some fine tuning needed as I'm having a bog condition when going through deep whoops at speed or leaning over in corners and getting on the gas. My fuel level in the bowl seems awfully high as well so I suspect I'm getting flooded in those conditions. Outside of that the bike was just awesome, it turns so so so much better than the YZ and it's so light that it just makes moving the bike around a breeze. One more thing I was very pleased with is the map switch, I really did not expect much out of it but no joke it really helps in the nasty stuff. Just mellows the bike out enough to make it easier to control and allows the motor to chug a little easier I felt. Oh, one more thing I noticed that surprised me and just pleases the piss out of me is how well planted this bike is. My 2ts from the past were no where near this planted and would get kicked around on trail junk so easily where as this was/is every bit as planted as my YZ was. Semi close trans is IMO also spot on, 1st gear is more than low enough to handle very gnarly technical riding without concern for stalling. I can say for sure now that I am very pleased with this purchase if I had one criticism it would be lack of TPI on these models. I don't understand why they won't put that on these bikes, having FI is just super nice. I was going to buy an FX 450 but chose this at last minute, no regrets this bike is awesome!!!