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  1. No reason to do bottom end unless it's out of spec which can be checked out once you get the top torn down.
  2. My KTMs have all been rock solid bikes but they are spendy and do tend to boil more. As for the trans gearing that is better if you want to moto as well. The otd price is higher but there are good reasons for it. My next scoot will come down to how much moto I want to keep doing. I don't think the FX is up to the task but it would bethe better trail bike for sure.
  3. Quick run down of process, correct me or fill in blanks.. remove seat/plastics/tank drain oil/coolant remove exhaust remove engine cover and set TDC remove timing chain tensioner remove cam caps them remove cams loosen head bolts and remove head remove cyl nuts and then remove Place rag around crank rod to prevent loss of debris into crank remove piston pin retaining clip then the pin and piston Check free play of rod clean clean clean everything lube cyl (and cams when at that point) and replace base gasket and head once at that point and just put it all back together in reverse order. Torque everything down to spec Does that pretty much sum it all up, anything I'm missing?
  4. Any tips for doing a top end on this bike? One thing I've never been able to do is disconnect the gas tank fuel line which makes it quite difficult to get the tank out of the way.
  5. ^^will do. Won't be for a few weeks though, too much going on right now
  6. Just turned 96 hard hours over on mine today, running awesome but I am getting ready for topend cause I be scared..
  7. They don't hang as low as they did a few years back. My 2013 was much worse than my buddies 2017 SX-F, I promise they are better does it mean they are as good as the Yamaha well nope..
  8. That "may" be true but stronger is better IMO and they look way more trick as well!! plus even if those parts end up heavier then that makes the KTM even more impressive and for Fly Low according to KTM press release the XCF did loose weight this year...
  9. Not sure where you're coming up with those weights but it really does not matter as both bikes are freaking awesome and each does one thing better than the other so it comes down to deciding which you prefer, I also really like/prefer billet over cast parts... I would like to know where you found that the 2019 450 XCF is 230 without fuel.
  10. I love the AER forks but the KYB are better not sure I buy the low end power statement but that does not matter much and the low slung linkage was fixed in '17. For me it's really going to come down to what I want more Track or Trail oriented, the FX would be much better on the trails and suffer on the track and the opposite is true for the KTM. Then there is the pricing and yea I can get a Yammi for less for sure...
  11. Well the KTM 450 XCF is 20 lbs lighter but how they are doing it is the real question. Sure you could put in a lipo battery but you would only save maybe 2lbs, then maybe some billet hubs might save weight which comes standard on the KTM as well as triple clamps but I'm still not seeing 20lbs. I guess you could get a lighter slip on and save a couple more but still in total I'm only seeing 10 saved max but by the time you do all that you've spent the same or more money than the KTM costs. So I guess it boils down to do you prefer a more MX oriented bike that still does trail really well or a more trail oriented bike that can handle vet and beginner track stuff. That's the dilema I'll be facing here soon and I've owned many of both brands and think they are equally reliable but I do 50/50 track and trail.......
  12. Ha... my bad, I read 2.1 somewhere... even better there!!
  13. Tank is 2.1 gal to be more accurate but yea it got all the good updates most of us were hoping for,,,, still heavy though, IMO.
  14. Rode one of those the other day and just loved it.
  15. Whoa,, 13/52 dang that's a low setup. That wide ratio tranny must be geared super tall for it to need that kind of reduction. Funny I was just at one of the local MX tracks yesterday and Yamaha was there with all their bikes out letting us test them. I was able to ride the new YZ450F and the YZ250 2t, I'm currently riding a '16 YZ450F that I use for track and trail but I really want a bike with the magic button. So my plan was to check out the FX as well but did not get a chance now based on this thread I'm thinking it may not be that good of an option for handling both duties. I will say though, that new YZ450F is freaking AWESOME sadly though it made me not as happy with my '16 now... I suspect that was their evil plan!