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  1. Wrfrk

    Next ride F or FX

    Kris Keefer is also steering me more toward the FX now where as with the previous FX models he was not as enthusiastic.
  2. Wrfrk

    YZ 450 DIET no thanks

    Well I wish that were true but I've owned many KTMs and they were rock solid... So it can be done, just going to take $$$$
  3. Wrfrk

    Fork service ??

    True, I was just not thinking........... Can't see any harm from it just won't get max perf, maybe I'll tear them down again in 20hrs or so then do them both
  4. Wrfrk

    Fork service ??

    Just curious, how often should the inner chamber on the KYB forks get serviced? I just got done putting in new seals and bushings, oil but that's all just outer chamber stuff, I did not take the inner apart, was that a mistake?
  5. Wrfrk

    Rekluse clutch

    I've run a Rekluse clutch in a handful of bikes now and at this point I just don't think I'd ever go back to not having one. I currently have one in my '16 YZ450 and it's just awesome, at no point do I feel it's a disadvantage even on MX starts. I can still use the clutch as normal if I want to so from a start line it's not different. Someone earlier mentioned something about a Rekluse sticking, that's not something I've ever heard of or read about, would like more details on that nugget, personally I really doubt it's something to worry about. Just in case anyone is wondering, I'm running the RadiusX version, only downside is that the clutch pull is stiffer but only for a moment on initial pull in low revs. If you're on the gas going into a corner or something then the pull is much lighter than stock pull. Anyhow, it's a great option and under $600 so less pain on the pocket.
  6. Wrfrk

    2018 YZ450 build

    Agree I thought that was odd as well as the new motors are already much farther forward than previous gen..
  7. Wrfrk

    Top End Kit

    Just did a topend on my '16 YZ450 with 100hrs and used a GYTR rebuild kit which was in a couple dollars of all the others so I figured best to use factory stuff. The OE stuff still looked great and new stuff went in without any glitch. Bike is running awesome so I'd suggest GYTR stuff through RMATV!!
  8. Wrfrk

    Fitness/GPS watch

    I tried getting one today but all the retailers around don't stock it but can order it, hell I can order it too.
  9. Wrfrk

    Fitness/GPS watch

    I really want something that when I am at the track I can set a start position and track timing around the track. That way I know how long I am taking to get a lap in. And if I do 10 laps or 20 laps I can see how long each one took and what might average speed is
  10. Wrfrk

    I'll just leave this here

    Yea saw this this morning, very nice to see indeed. Does throw a wrench into my buying decisions though as I was just getting ready to pull the trigger on an '18 with the current price drops but now I feel like I should just get the '19. Decisions decisions.................. was also considering holding out for 2020, as the name implies 20/20 is always high and sight so makes sense to wait till then? Then there's the fact that I just did the top end on my '16 so really it just makes more sense to wait, right?
  11. Wrfrk

    Fitness/GPS watch

    awesome, think I may go track one of those down today, thanks.
  12. Wrfrk

    Fitness/GPS watch

    So can I assume the Polar M430 will record lap times on a track?
  13. Wrfrk

    Fresh top end --- Wont start

    Yes I know, I'm actually glad it did not end up starting because if it had I'm fairly sure that would have been the result.
  14. Wrfrk

    Fresh top end --- Wont start

    Update --- found the problem and got it fixed!!! The shim under right side cap shifted out of the bucket and was holding the valve open. Put it back in place and it fired on first kick!!
  15. Wrfrk

    Fresh top end --- Wont start

    Cam timing, I did not mess with ignition timing and yes I'm getting spark. I'm also not able to tell any difference with or without the plug in which is very suspect.......