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  1. So I need to get a case gasket for the right side and was hoping I could source this online somewhere, does anyone know?
  2. Repair job done sadly though I think I may have done more damage than repair. In taking the old seal out I nicked the seal surface just a tiny bit with the puller though it is towards the top of the seal and more towards the inside of the surface than the outer edge. That metal is stupid soft as I was being very careful and it did not feel like I was past the seal until it popped out and I saw what I'd done. SON OF A----- Maybe I'll be ok, won't know until I ride it I guess.........
  3. That's true...... forgot about that when I made that post.
  4. You use thread lock as well or just risk it?
  5. Manual says this, Drum nut and clutch case 1 Loctite 243/Sichel 100m 120 NM Do not use the pneumatic device
  6. Nvrmind - just located in the manual what I needed, those numbers above are correct.
  7. So tomorrow I'm going to repair the leak on the crank (PTO) seal that is behind the main gear. Just looking at the torque #s and want to make sure I'm looking at this correct. The clutch hub I can see is 88.5 ftlbs but not seeing what the nut for the main gear should be? There is something in the manual listed as the main transmission pinion nut and that one calls fro 118 ftlbs, is that the main gear nut I'm referring to?
  8. Oh man I gotta have one of those, did not see those on the floor at my local dealer. I'm sure they are slated for a couple but most likely already sold out...
  9. Well I just dumped the oil and Sure enough only 400 mL left with only seven hours on the clock since the last oil change.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has other ideas as to what is going on here before I tear this all apart for no reason.. IMO the symptoms fit the bill/resolution but just wondering what else this could be?
  11. Well what I do know is that when I changed the fluid for the first time after getting the bike the tranny was very low but I just thought that was the previous owner being lazy and or stupid. Now I'm seeing these additional issues, planning on draining the fluid tonight after work and measuring what I've got. I suspect it's going to be very low....
  12. Just got off call with local dealer and he can get me the parts for $15 which IMO is super cheap. However, he said he did not think I could replace that without splitting the cases, though he admitted he's never had to try it either. He also mentioned that he did not believe oil could get in the crank by through those means as the crank pressure should keep it out? Any thoughts, anyone?
  13. Good to know.. and yea mine is quiet and no strange vibration that I would also think you might notice with a bad bearing. I'm just going through lots of tranny oil and blowing the blue smoke and based on what I've read this is pretty clear what the issue is. I see here that the KTM seal should also do the trick for this repair.. Does anyone have some good advice as to how I can safely pull the seal, what if any special tools will be needed?
  14. Clutch is not noisy and I just bought this bike last November so I don't know how well it was really cared for, most people are liars when it comes to disclosing things when selling their old stuff. I also have no idea how many hours are on the bike as previous owner did not track it with an hour meter. What else could cause the loss of tranny fluid and the blue smoke with heavy spooge even though my jetting should be spot on for the elevation and temps running 40:1?
  15. Well I don’t know that jetting would account for the blue colored smoke and the loss of tranny fluid?