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  1. Haha Yes, you perfectly explained the feel of my bike atm, What do I to test the springs? Also when I said (Not Setup) I meant the bike isn't setup and is needed to. Thank you very much.
  2. I guesss.... That helps. I've been riding for about 6 or 7 years and I just started racing Hare Scrambles this year, I know all the fundamentals and basics of riding.. If what you mean by seat time you mean "Race Time" Yes I do need more time actually competeting not just dozing around in trails but I would like some pointers and how the pros are so pro and how I can be "More Pro" lol
  3. I realize if ya'll get a visual understanding of how I'm riding it would be the easiest way for everyone to diagnose what is wrong so I'll upload the video of my race tonight, In the mean time.. If you could let me in on tips and little things here and there that help you, boast rider confidence, increase stability let me in it. Thanks.
  4. Let me start off by saying, I've logged back onto to TT for the first time in 2 years... Not too much has changed haha. Alright, So I've been out of the riding and forum loop for a while and I returned 20 year young (160lbs, 5'10" 250C Class) but still inexperienced as hell, Bought myself a very low hour 2008 RM250 which is probabley the most fun out of a bike I've ever ridden... Little did I know they're horrible for woods riding out of the box due to it's narrow powerband and the original owner put a light rear spring which in my opinion makes the rear end to light, I can never seem to get onto power very early without all traction breaking out. So I did the following; -FMF Shorty + FMF Gnarly Pipe -V Force 3 Reed cage + Reeds -10oz Flywheel Weight (Steathly) -Brand New Sedona MX887IT Tires Hard to Intermediate (They were on sale.. haha) -Adjusted rider sag for my weight By doing this I gained a lot more woods friendly control of the bike and overall become more comfortable... However I realized when I entered this bike in my first Hare scramble race, Many riders in my class were able to push their bikes much harder than I was ever comfortable.. So then I began to think.. Was this me not being comfortable with the bike? or the bike not being comfortable with me? Seems funny how I worded it but basically, my buddy who took a swing on my bike told me since it had a softer spring and the front forks haven't been touched it desperately needs to be revalved, I found a place to do it but I'm not sure if I can justify $800 for both rear shock and front forks. I realize I enter corners wayyyyyy too slow, more because I always have the feeling the bike will completely wash out on me, when I test rode the 2015 Yamaha YZ250FX I felt much more comfortable and had much better stability all around... It feels like crap that I've already sunk so much in the RM250 when it's still not what I'm going for. On the other hand, I've never been taught any lessons on riding.. Self taught in my own backyard.. I'm probabley doing everything horribly wrong and I don't realize it, Basically I'm disappointed with my racing results (13th out of 15th in my class) and I'm looking for someway or somewhere to improve my times, now MX isn't the main thing that's occupying my time and life which is also why I probabley suck at it, but If I can take any advice from the experts I will gladly take it.. Btw if you need me to post videos or pictures of me riding so you can picture how I ride my bike I can. TL;DR: I need to figure out if I suck or does my bike "suck" (Not setup) If you need to ask any questions on what I do to get a better understanding feel free. Thanks for dealing with my newbie ass. Thank you.
  5. A 300 2 stroke?? I don't think a newb rider needs that kinda power at disposal.
  6. CooHead, what do you mean by Room to Roam? It's in our property.. besides that was a few years ago When I had my KLX140 and I was just getting into riding.. Today thats too small for the KX250... The red circle is where I mainly ride today.
  7. The House with the Dirt Oval and connecting square is my little practice track... The woods off to the left is my real track.
  8. Welcome to the KX250 crowd.. We love our powerband
  9. Yeah thanks! I tried to give it a modern twist but keeping the old retro neon blue forks...man I've come to love the blue forks on the early 90s model.
  10. Don't worry guys, KDX Garage got me the link.. 3.2 Gallons will be plenty for VXCS and VCHSS (Virginia Hare Scrambles) Also Thanks Jeekinz! Coming from you I'm quite honored.. and too be honest before I got my ass into this project.. I should have got a 94' thats compatible with newer model not the 93 model thats stuck with its even more stupidly designed cousin the 92 . Just kidding the 93's is a fantastic bike in my opinion.. I'm going race it for one year.. probably not going do a whole season.. but what I plan on doing is buying another bike next year just for striaght up racing and keeping the 93 as my play bike... It's a very fun play bike. This was the 250 last year before all the changes and all.. Even back then with its bent handlebar, worn out tires, brakes and shocks it was still a decently fast bike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlYCx_t5RMI
  11. I searched for a good 3 hours and I couldn't find anything... I'm not too savvy into the MX world.. I just do it for fun like most people.
  12. Hey, for those of you who remember my Retarded Dumb threads I made about dumb questions about my bike.. well that's the past.. I would like everyone to please forgive my ignorance, inexperience and unintelligent information I provided about bikes for I was in my novice stages of Motorcycle and Automotive know-it-all and I do want to thank those for actually replying and providing me with fair information that has taught me a great deal, for I was not as fortunate as others. (My parents knew nothing about Bikes so I basically knew nothing about bikes) Over the past 2 years since I've logged I have increased my Mechanical knowledge by over 600% (Not really but kinda), I'm currently working at Menieke after School hours making roughly around 11-15$ an hour with 5 ASEs and a State Inspection License. (Not bad for someone not even out of High School yet) However I only have 2 years of on the job working experience which is REALLY low, But I'm strong and fit so I usually do all the heavy work the older guys can't do in the shop , But still theres some really wise guys out there.. maybe not the brightest but defiantly wise. Anyways still got the old... OLD 1993 KX250, Some things need working but I'm preparing for my very first debut season of VXCS (I started preparations very late but I might miss the first race oh well I can always race the next 7) The engine is being rebuilt but these photos were way back in October. I haven't taken recent pics yet but here are the pics of what the new goodies are: One major issue that I've ran into, and has caused me to log back on to good ol' Thumper Talk for the first time in 1 1/2 year is the fact that I need advice on is finding a bigger gas tank, I've searched around and for a 1993 KX250.. there is NO luck at finding an extended gas tank.. my only two options are to figure out if a 1992/93/94 KDX250 Gas Tank fits into a 93 KX250 frame without the need for modification (Might have to get another seat but oh well) Or am I going have to find someone who makes custom Gas Tanks for a 93. All the help is appreciated and I've made my return to TT.
  13. Its been a while since I've logged onto to TT, I've been actively into many projects including a completely rebuilding my CRF70 (Rebuilt Transmission and Replaced Stator Plate and flywheel) and KX250 (Currently rebuilding Shift Fork) along with taking apart and repairing lots of other peoples bike, CRF230F (Rebuit rings), KTM150SX (Rebuilt Top and Bottom end), YZ250F (Replaced Valves... that was a pain but I everything worked without a problem) My Point is over the past year alone I've learned hands on so much that fixing up bikes has almost become an addiction, Which whats bringing me to this question.... I wanna Purchase a cheap, Big bore 2 stroke, (Preferably older than 1986 UNLESS its has older styling/engine design) and rebuild it from the ground up like some bikes I've had in mine include: 1982 YZ490 1993 WR500 1983 CR480R 1986 CR500R (Liquid Cooled) 1991 and up CR500R 1985 KX500 (Liquid Cooled) 1989 and up KX500 Here some bikes I'm also going to look for farther down the road but I'm still interested in purchasing: 1985 RM500 1985 KTM500MX (Liquid Cooled) 1983 Maico 490 1985 Husqvarna CR500 (Single Shock and Liquid Cooled 1984 Husqvarna XC500 (Twin Shock and Air Cooled) If anybody can tell me anyone or any dealer that sells any older 2 stroke bikes such as these that would be very much appreciated for I am unable to find any bikes in my region, I can travel within 300 Miles if I have to, to purchase one. Also Fell free to give your opinion on experiences that you've had with rebuilding older early and mid 80's 2 strokes that would be much appreciated. MixingTheGoodStuff.
  14. My Family's bikes: Mom: 1978 DS100 - No longer own 1998 YZ144 Race Bred - Too powerful for her - No longer own Dad: 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 600R - Still owns and maintains well My Bikes: 1996 JR50 (6 Years Old)- No longer own 2001 XR80 (8 Years Old)- No longer own -----5 year hiatus of my parents selling my bikes due to financial reasons----- 2004 KX65 (12 Years old) -Still own 2000 KX100 (14 Years old) -Still own 1993 KX250 (16 Years to today) -Still own -Hopefully getting a newer 450 4st or 250 2st in the possible future.
  15. DO IT!!!!!! Unless theres something terribly wrong with the KDX, you won't regret that trade.
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