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  1. whrecked

    Whiskey Throttle Crashes!

    One from another thread a year ago or so...
  2. I will definitely account for the chilly weather!
  3. I am normally in troy overflow as well. We will look into mahogany then! Thank you much sir!
  4. So KM is in national forest obviously, so I am wondering if anyone knows if I'll be able to get in, with this shutdown bs? Does the shutdown extend to all national forests or just national parks, like Yosemite and Yellowstone? Should I bring a pair of bolt cutters to ensure I have a good weekend? It just got the first snow of the season today so hopefully the conditions this weekend will be damp!
  5. whrecked

    What's your favorite ohv in california?

    Four pages and KM hasnt even been mentioned??
  6. As long as the spokes are made for an 18 inch rim, would it matter what the rim manufacturer is when buying new spokes?
  7. whrecked

    KX 250 DUNER

    You always have interesting builds! Some I like, others not, but I always look forward to seeing them.
  8. whrecked

    rm 600 anyone?

    Obliviously? Really?
  9. whrecked

    Husky TC510 DUNER

    Is that a rear tire mounted as a front tire?
  10. At 2:07 of his spanish training vid, hes driving a utility cart lol bottom left corner
  11. whrecked

    Cliff Edge S/T at Jameson Australia

    That looks suhweeeet!
  12. whrecked

    Are jets interchangeable?

    I was under the impression that jets are made universal for a specific brand of carburetor. ie, all keihins carbs will use the same style jets. The other major carb is Mikuni, which should have interchangeable jets, I believe.
  13. whrecked

    Please take a minute and read

  14. Very lucky there was some soft sand there!