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  1. motocrash6470

    New HRC 450X fuel injected ralley bike

    What button deploys the mini-gun?
  2. motocrash6470

    Broken Scaphoid?

    + 1 on what everyone said so far.An x-ray didn't show a fracture,It kept hurting so I got an MRI.It took forever to heal.Apparently there is very little bloodflow to it hence the long healing time.Do what the Docs tell ya.....
  3. motocrash6470

    Chain make

    +1 on the DID VX2.I run them on my off road bikes as well as my sumo,they are low mantenace and long lasting.
  4. Here in Va we are cheap.We use a hard compound tire with sheet metal screws.Works for us as often as we snow ride.2-4 times a season normally.They do get thrown out of the rear but it's inexpensive fun for as often as we do it and easy enough to replace when need be.
  5. motocrash6470

    Adverse effects of beer

    Funny...this is the 2nd time in as many days I have posted this on TT:Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder
  6. motocrash6470

    Suzuki going under

    No 717 beauty is in the eye of the BEERHOLDER.....
  7. motocrash6470

    Witch bike

    The Salem model is most logical.
  8. motocrash6470

    Whats a good 70-30 road/dirt tire with decent wear?

    I have had good experieces with the Avon Distanzia before going to full street tires on my SM.But they are not cheap.If I were you i'd try some Shinko's as stated above if you're looking for rubber cheap.
  9. motocrash6470

    Broken Acromion...anyone else?

    Went back to the bone doc today.X rays looked good but 3 more weeks before I can return to work.Tired of sitting around.....wanna ride bad bad bad
  10. motocrash6470

    Broken Acromion...anyone else?

    Front end washed out on my SM in the grass 12 feet away from my house doing 10-15 mph.Was just lightly starting to apply both brakes and SHAZAM-Like the jolly green giant gave me the smackdown.Bike squirted out so fast I bruised some ribs on the barkbuster too
  11. motocrash6470

    Broken Acromion...anyone else?

    Happened last Sunday.Feels pretty bad.Doc says hold still and eat pills since it is not displaced.He also said "This is a hard tractor to fix" - don't displace it!Tired of holding the couch down already but I know that I have to.Broke LH scapula and calvicle at same time about 6 yrs ago.Guess it's was time to even the tweaks out as this is RH.Any feedback/advice will be gladly accepted.
  12. motocrash6470

    DRZ400 Big Bore Galore

    Good advice as usual......."Land Of Eddie" even better mate! OP,get a bike ride it a bit and decide what mods/how far/how much $$
  13. Anyone use these? I just mounted a 110/100/18 and have not ridden yet.It looks like a beast on the bike....
  14. motocrash6470


    +1-Have to before first ride.