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  1. I recently purchased an kfx400 that needs to have the ignition switch replaced. The owner had lost the key so he punched it out and the ignition switch can be turned with a screwdriver, etc. I would like to fix this as it is ghetto and annoying to have to carry a tool around. I looked at the oem part diagram and it seems simple enough to replace but I am unsure about how a key would be cut to fit the new ignition switch. Any suggestions on how to best solve the ignition switch issue?
  2. rubenz

    Drz was killed

    Yeah the height of the drz really helped. The rear wheel took the biggest hit for sure. basically the bike was taken out from under me and my ass went thru the windshield of the car that hit me, then was thrown forward as her car came to a screeching halt.
  3. rubenz

    2002 kdx stock fork clicker settings

    yeah it wasn't just cuz of my size. a friend rode it and it was way stiff and was in the normal range of motion (looked like it anyway as he rode). he even said it was way stiffer than his stock drz so i think maybe the compression is turned all the way up or something making the front end want to dance around a bit. it did great in the whoops and i was already able to ride as fast as i did on the drz and it was my first time on the kdx. i definitely plan to have the suspension setup. precision concepts is just down the street from me and i may take it there when i get a chance but for now something is just kinda goofy. not terrible, just not right.
  4. hey guys i rode my new to me kdx for the first time last week and the suspension seems to be kind of goofy. like it's too stiff or not responsive enough. i'm a pretty big dude so i doubt it's because of the springs being too stiff so i think it may have to do with the clicker settings. i am looking for a good starting point and think maybe starting at the stock settings would help. what should they be?
  5. rubenz

    Drz was killed

    I know how lucky i was. the responders at the scene could not believe i was basically free of any major injury. the fire captain arrived first and when radioing my status he even said " i cant believe i'm saying this but the motorcyclists appears to be fine!" Not too bad considering my ass went thru the windsheild, my head smashed in her roof and then was launched about 20ft and landed head first then rolled to a stop. was pretty intense. my head felt like it was going to explode when i hit the ground. luck or angels ,i'm not sure which, was definitely on site that day. i will for sure rejet the bike as soon as i can and will look into the wiseco piston. i keep reading about how that is an issue on the 220's. is there some way to tell if it has been done already? i'm loving the two stroke. it's my first one and have always been kinda scared of them for some reason. i think it's from all the people telling me to look out for the "hit" of the torque curve but this bike is just right. i love it.
  6. rubenz

    Better desert gearing for KDX

    ^^^ thanks guys i will probably try that and see how that works. it's just tooo low of gearing right now.
  7. rubenz

    Drz was killed

    the new bike a 2002 which is perfect because it is the last year of a green sticker in california which allows me to ride all year. at this moment i would love to have another dualsport/motard but i may stay away for awhile for my famly and friends. the whole accident thing was much worse for them that me. im sure i will want one soon though because everytime it is a nice day i feel like riding the backroads. yeah she hit me at just about the full 55mph limit because she said she thought we were still moving and very last second realized that i was stopped with my feet on the ground. she had just finished a graveyard shift at a 24 diner.
  8. rubenz

    Better desert gearing for KDX

    what is the stock gearing? ive seen a few threads with different answers. would going one tooth smaller in rear be a bad decision? i just want a little more speed out of the gears and it will be perfect. heck i still need to check and see what gearing i even have on there. guess its time to count teeth.
  9. Hey guys i rode a new to me kdx220 for the first time last week and wanted to get some opinions on what gearing to run for the desert. right now it seems like i can only go about 2ft before having to shift outta first and the other gears are really short as well. i am coming off of a drz400s so these gear seem really short to me. would changing the gears out help or should i just realize that the kdx has short gears but has a 6th gear for higher speed runs and will just have to be shifted like crazy?
  10. rubenz

    Drz was killed

    So on this past thanksgiving morning i was doing a street ride alongside my dad and was rear ended by a lady going about 50mph. Luckily i sustained very few injuries with nothing worse than a banged up knee, some whiplash, and a few chipped teeth. My HJC full face saved me and my Geirke mesh jacket saved my skin. Anyway the DRZ was considered totaled and i could have bought it back but decided i did not want to repair the bike. So i was given 5500 bucks for the bike and gear and now own a KDX220 which i took out for the first time last week. This thing runs great and is my first two stroke ever besides a little 50cc scooter i owned when i was 15. I got the kdx for 1400 bucks and is pretty good shape. it has the FMF gnarly pipe and everything else seems stock. The kdx has great power and with its lighter weight really is fun on the trails. I do miss the drz dearly but the change has not left me wanting too terribly. the drz held up great and did not really sustain to much damage other than the swing arm and rear end being destroyed and all the miscellaneous scratches and dents everywhere. i will keep checking the drz forums because alot of the info translates well into other dirtbike models and its just fun to read the cool stuff you guys do to the drz. Well here is a couple pics of the dead drz and the new kdx.
  11. yes the backfiring is when i let off the throttle at nearly any speed actually. it is way worse when it is coming back down from higher rpms though. it also doesn't rev up like it should. it revs slower and bogs when trying to get to the upper rpms. Yes other than the cored out exhaust the bike is apparently stock.
  12. i have an 82 xt125 that is backfiring like crazy. it shoots flames out the back. someone a long time ago took the spark arrestor out. anyway i am not sure if it needs a bigger jet or smaller (no idea what comes stock) or what to do to get this backfiring on decel gone. it also stutters and misfires when the motor is at more than half throttle. it does have an exhaust leak near the head which i plan to fix soon but i'm not sure if that can cause as many problems as i am seeing. thanks for the help
  13. rubenz

    Are all XT125's gutless or is it just mine

    i wonder what jet would be a good one to try then...i am horrible at jetting issues. any suggestions?
  14. rubenz

    Are all XT125's gutless or is it just mine

    I just got a 82 xt125 and it's having issues as well. the thing backfires like crazy and shoots flames because someone cut the spark arrester out. what can be causing such gnarly backfires? lean, rich?