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  1. CRFX_Rider

    from blue to red

    That manual is the worst one i have ever gotten with any bike...it sux! Tons of missing info...the stupid thing don't even have a jetting chart. If you follow the manual for break in procedure and piston replacement be prepared for excess oil consumption.The major lack of recommended oil changes won't do it any good either.
  2. CRFX_Rider

    from blue to red

    Only let it idle about 2 min. or till the cylinder is slightly warm to the touch then ride away easy and then run thru the gears hard as you normaly would.Just don't idle around on slow trails at 1st,open it up and ride it hard for about 10 min. at then let it cool and do it again.This will help the rings form a good seal. Check this link out! http://mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  3. CRFX_Rider

    michelin starcross mh2 rear tire, anyone use one?

    you better sell em while you can cause when the new version comes out nobody will want them
  4. CRFX_Rider

    michelin starcross mh2 rear tire, anyone use one?

    Great tire!!! I ran one on my 250 2 stroke and loved it! Long lasting and killer hook up. I only wish they made it for a 18" rim
  5. CRFX_Rider

    Cooling fan kit for CRF250X available

    It's just from the local Honda dealer where i got the bike. That number shows it as a soon to be released item he said.
  6. CRFX_Rider

    Trail Tech Fat Bar mounting options...

    I didn't know you had aftermarket triples,but here's pic anyway.
  7. CRFX_Rider

    Trail Tech Fat Bar mounting options...

    I don't like the idea or the looks of it mounted on the bars.A few of us have just made a aluminium bracket to mount it in place of the factory odometer,no need for it anymore.I designed mine so that it's now centerd {unlike the factory} and just below the top of the number plate.It's well protected from all but the worst possible crash.
  8. CRFX_Rider

    Cooling fan kit for CRF250X available

    Thanx for the update! I just ordered one thru my Honda dealer.The part number comes up but it's on backorder,they say it's available soon.
  9. CRFX_Rider

    Jetting help Race Tomorrow 10/23

    Cold air makes the bike run lean. The air is more dense and can use more fuel. James Dean I always rejet my bikes richer in the fall for the colder temps, and because we ride the lower elevation trails in the spring and fall.
  10. CRFX_Rider

    front sproket

    A quick blast with the air ratchet...if ya got one. I don't suggest putting it on that way.
  11. CRFX_Rider

    Greasing the Airbox Seal

    This question will get lots of opinions. Most use a little grease for extra protection,but many people don't use any and feel that the filter oil used,if it's also soaked on the seals edge is enough. Some filter cages don't put much pressure on the sealing edge so i always used grease, until i installed a 'Pro Seal' http://pcracingusa.com/proseal.php It puts much more pressure on the soft sealing surface. Air is always gonna take the path of least resistance so i dout the seal would fail.
  12. CRFX_Rider

    Jetting help Race Tomorrow 10/23

    You should have to increase the main only a few sizes for cooler temps.If the bike still starts well when cold then i dout you need a larger pilot but maybe a 45 would help. I would play with the fuel screw first,1/4-1/2 a turn can make all the difference in some climate conditions. Good luck with the race!
  13. CRFX_Rider


    I have a Devol plate and the funnel works fine with no issues.
  14. CRFX_Rider

    It was bound to happen...kinda long

    I really HATE plastic throttle tubes! I have a Moose tube on my X and i have also ran a Fastway tube on my last bike,i think any aftermarket one is better then plastic.You'll like the clean smooth action of the aluminum over the plastic tube.
  15. CRFX_Rider

    Intake valves shot on X

    That sux but good to hear you have it all back up and running. How many hours do you think you had on it? I have had 1 intake at .004 since it was new but it's been that way for over 45 hours and still holding.